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Team Overview

Team Objectives: To explore and focus on helping curate media content within the project and optimize social media effectiveness to help further extend the reach of inspirational community content. Studying what makes effective and viral social media, and how to create it.  

Skills Involved: Researching social media tactics. Curating content to facebook ( managing page posts and sharing within groups etc). Helping admin some of the Facebook pages. Producing and brainstorming ideas for media content. Managing promotions within facebook. Learning and applying youtube tactics, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and more.    

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  • Community Admin

    Here is a basic list of Facebook groups that are useful to sharing page or personal content into. 





    Abraham Hicks Vortex Group

    DMT : The Spirit Molecule

    Medicine Tribe

    The Dr. Wayne Dyer Fan Club

    Abraham Fun

    Awakening Code Community 11:11 33:33 44:44

    Lightworkers United . . . Global Peace, Love & Unity

    Hippy Peace

    Pineal Gland - Third Eye

    beautiful souls

    Law of Attraction- Thoughts become things.


    Napoleon Hill and Positive Thinking: Secrets to Success

    Joe Rogan Podcast

    Hippy Commune

    Peace Loving Hippies


    Chanting Mantras: Awaken Your Inner Master

    Hippie Love 

  • Community Admin

    For anyone who wants to help - I want to put together a bit of a list of community youtube videos we can help curate and feature through the facebook page into the future. 

  • Community Admin

    Uploaded a sample to facebook of the recent Team Building Circle that we can use beyond the current time frame that highlights Forrest's story of going from ADHD Medication to Meditation. 5 min clip. Please help share it in groups

    Shifting From ADHD Medication to Meditation

    - Shifting From ADHD Medication to Meditation - Forrest Neal shares in the Team Building Circle how he changed his life with meditation after years of being being prescribed to ADHD medication. Watch the full inspirational broadcast of the Team Building Circle, June 29 at Interactive group discussion as part of a real world game to help shift consciousness. Runtime: 3h.

    Posted by Paradigm Shift Central on Friday, June 30, 2017
  • I'm about to go out of town again for this weekend tomorrow. Not sure if I'll be much help till this coming Monday..... Looking forward to plugging back into our PSC projects soon. 

  • Community Admin

    Word. Thanks Nick. I updated the url link for his youtube channel and replaced it with a link to make it cleaner. This is something we will want to do when a channel doesnt have a custom URL yet. 

    Let's keep seeing what we can do with Parker's Alan Watts video. I'd like to see how soon we can get it up to 10k, and then allow us to build on its momentum from there. Its already at about 5k which is good. - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL
  • Cool just saw and watched that video you posted to the PSC Facebook page. Looks like that one is taken care of! I just schedule a post to appear at 1:11pm today for:

    Using Parallel Realities To Transform Negativity - Gabe Salomon

  • Community Admin

    Hey Nick or anyone - here is a new video for us to curate:

    Alan Watts - Why the Apple Tree Apples
    By Parker Thibault 

    Alan Watts - Why the Apple Tree Apples

    Alan Watts - Why the Apple Tree Apples By Parker Thibault Youtube Channel:

    Posted by Paradigm Shift Central on Monday, June 19, 2017
  • Aloha homies!

This reply was deleted.

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