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Join in for our local Paradigm Shift London (Ontario, Canada) meet ups every Friday, 7-9pm at The Tea Lounge. 268 Piccadilly St. 

Connect on facebook for the confirmed location at

Connect wtih the Admin Brendon Culliton on facebook at

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Community Admin

Many moons ago, Paradigm Shift London first began as Paradigm Shift Fanshawe inside Fanshawe College by Brendon Culliton and a few of his friends as a club within the school. The idea was simple - to create a club that would help bring together people who were also interested in having discussion about the metaphysical, spiritual, paranormal, esoteric aspects of reality. Along with guest speakers on occasion, the club would also provide Free Punch and Pie at events to help intise more people to check it out. Some might come for the pie but stay for the insight. 

As success of the club grew it was natural for meetings to eventually move beyond the college and evolve into Paradigm Shift London. Over the years the meetings have taken place in various yoga studios and local shops. People still attend on a regular basis to come together as community to support and practice having inspirational heart opening discussion that is helping change people on individual levels…

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