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Team Overview

Team Objectives: To collaborate and create a variety of consciousness expanding music work for a variety of purposes.

Project Examples: Providing a catalog of music tracks for community videos. Tracks for meditations. Original scores for videos. 

Open to new members.

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Creations Forum

Starseed - Original Music Available for Use - Ready and willing to collaborate on conscious media projects

Hey fellow shifters! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Dayne, and I produce and perform music under the name Starseed. I've put out 8 albums and a number of singles since the project began in 2014 and have always held the steadfast intention to expand consciousness, awaken hearts, activate, and inspire those who are open to receiving my musical creations.I want to let you all know that you are more than welcome to use my music for your creative projects. If you do plan on incorporating my…

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Community Admin

Creating Conscious Flowetry / Poetry / Spoken Word Music

One thing I know I want to get into more of is creating music in general. In particular I feel it is fun to brainstorm what music could look like when incorporating conscious poetry / flowetry / spoken word. I have created this thread for us to use as a space to focus discussion and creation related to this genre.  I feel like we already have the elements we need in terms of sweet tracks available from community members. I am putting up this post here to invite others who also feel to call…

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1 Reply · Reply by Dani Grace Leonardo Oct 22, 2017

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  • Community Admin

    Hey Team! For those who have music already made - please create your own posts to share them in the Creations Forum! It will be awesome to create a catalog of what we have created as a community. 

    In addition, use the creations forum if you want to propose ideas for music projects youd like to to collaborate with people on  - like a cool idea you have for a song. You can practice using the threads to even write lyrics, etc. 

    Let's have some fun :) 

  • I make meditation music tuned to various scales like A432, harmonic series, solfeggio tones etc. It also uses a new technology that causes a "binaural phasing" effect. You can read about it on my website here - but basically it adds 360 degrees of phase back into digital music and "re-analogifies" the music and allows the intention of the listener to play a role in how the music effects them. the technology was made by a neuroscientist I know out here in LA named Don Estes. If you're interested check it out on YouTube - or my website -

    Feel free to use any of the tracks in your projects, i'm happy to support what you're doing it sounds really awesome. There are some free tracks on my website you can dl whenever but if you want to use any of the ones that cost money just msg me and i'll send you the dl link. Just throw me a little cred in the video or however you wanna do it :)

    What is "Binaural Phasing"?
  • Would love to support by providing conscious music tracks by our artists for any projects we come up with. We recently launched a conscious music label this past week. Two albums are here on our SoundCloud.  Check them out!!!

  • Community Admin
    I think it would be cool to have future music Team creative session hangouts. Like doing live music together. Looper, instruments, practice sharing vocal stuff etc. Live broadcasted or otherwise.

    after one of the most amazing, blissful, healing and empowering weekends of my life at Beloved Festival, i felt called to upload this track as a gift to all the Beloved humans out there who are spreading the love and who have helped shape me into who i am and who i'm meant to be.

    this song was written with help from Kaypacha in his Pele Report for the week of June 1st, 2016. the mantra he shared inspired me in such a way that i felt called to sing about it.
    the lyrics are the mantra (written by Kaypacha):

    "i'm now ready to confront myself, no longer young and naive, but wide awake i discriminate, and get rid of all that's not me."

    what emerged is this music, telling the story of my ongoing transformation into my most authentic self.

    i hope you enjoy this little taste of my more acoustic, singer-songwriter side, and feel free to download and share! from my heart to yours,

    blessings, love and gratitude

    ~ dani leonardo

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