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Community Admin

Parallel to any initial development, this thread has been created as a place for us to do some general brainstorming related to what features we would like to see in the Paradigm Shift Central mobile app / mobile app game. 

Be as ideal as you want in regards to envisioning. After all - what will the potential for apps be in just a few years from now? 

Now one thing to keep in mind is that alot of how the website is currently built was done so because it was my way of basically designing the website as I would if it was an app. 
So in that sense, the app could very much be designed based on the current set up for the website and the current features and buttons - but beyond that, I want to imagine how our app  can also be though of as a mobile app game, and help bring in more elements of gamification.

So with that in mind,, allow us to brainstorm how ever. 

I think when choosing features we have to focus on them being practical as well as enjoyable / fun.

Here are some ideas that I would like to see utilized with an app. 

- I would like to see how possible it is to use an interface set up like Pokemon Go and implement some form of augmented reality. 
To begin this discussion, its great to also look at the game Ingress, made by the same team as Pokemon Go. Check out what they have made, and think about what is possible and how we could make something of our own style for Paradigm Shift Central. 

- I would like to have like synchronized Shiftiivsm events pop up on maps that people can join. LIke a "Meet here at Friday, 630 to do Free Hugs". 
- I would like to have the active meetings for Shift Communities to appear within the map (they already do in the current Team Map too)

- I would like to see some VR type 360 elements worked into aspects of the Pokemon Go type interface. Like you could find floating objects around town that show up as augmented elements through your phone "like the pokemon", but you access them like virtual data hubs with chunks of knowledge or even into a form team meeting space. 

- I want to make a stream for people to upload and see others doing Shiftivism on the go. Something like that. 

- Being able to create an in game leveling up and point system with rewards

- Custom avatar creation?

- Jedi type stuff XD

I'll add some more ideas as we go. 

What do you think?
What are features you'd like in an ideal version of a Paradigm Shift Central app?

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