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Team Overview

Team Objectives: To collaborate and create the ongoing development of a Paradigm Shift Central Mobile App / Game.

Project Examples: Developing API. Interface design. Game theory, Concept design. Data allocation. AR Research. 

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Project Work

Community Admin

TEAM BRAINSTORM: Paradigm Shift Central Mobile App Game Features

Parallel to any initial development, this thread has been created as a place for us to do some general brainstorming related to what features we would like to see in the Paradigm Shift Central mobile app / mobile app game.  Be as ideal as you want in regards to envisioning. After all - what will the potential for apps be in just a few years from now?  Now one thing to keep in mind is that alot of how the website is currently built was done so because it was my way of basically designing the…

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Community Admin

Ground Zero: How do we create a mobile app / mobile app game?

Hey Mobile App Team,  So to simply get things started, I have created this thread to invite others to share what knowledge they may have about app development.  I can honestly say that creating an app is one of the things that I havnt fully learned about (yet).  I have not had any training and do not have a best idea of where to start.  What would be needed if we are focusing on making just an app vs making an app game? Is it perhaps easier to design a game these days? I have alot of…

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