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Throwing out suggestions

I'm looking forward to this being a beneficial part of the website. I'd like to suggest we take shifts at particular times of day at which we are available for voice and video chat with people who need support. We can then post on the media streams who is available and when so people know when they can reach out and who they would be able to get in touch with. It might also be a good idea to figure out which shifters want to and don't want to work on specific topics i.e. maybe someone is really good at relationship advice but doesn't want to hold space for those struggling with addiction. This way everyone has clearly set boundaries and we all know what we can offer and expect, both those on the team and those benefiting from this aspect of the website. I think a mental health team google hangout is a great way to start this discussion. <3

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  • Sounds like a great plan. I have training in counseling psychology. I would be interested in doing a Google hangout
  • Hey! I think this could be a great idea and a valuable service to this community. I'm currently getting my PhD in clinical psychology. I would advise anyone who is offering these services to be super careful with the language used to describe what you are doing to avoid any legal problems. Just to be extra careful!


    • Hi Beth,

      At my undergrad university I was working with a group to pull together a student led emotional support group. We were in talks with the counseling staff on campus when I graduated. In one of those talks they advised us to avoid referring to what we were doing as counseling or therapy and to make it very clear that we cannot diagnose or treat or offer any form of medical advice. We opted for language like emotional support and peer support or goal setting and space holding. I have a draft of a release form of sorts that we were working on at the time that I would be happy to share. I also have a number of articles and power points related to clinical skills and holding space. 


    • Beth,
      I'm glad you like the word choices! I'm struggling to find some of the power points I was thinking of. I do have one and I have some class notes. I also posted a link to a number of good readings that will definitely help get the ball rolling! I will add some stuff as we go. I just responded to the thread about meeting.

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