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Shifter Support Circle 1/24

During an off-air hangout this week, we discussed the possibility of recurring support group hangouts focused on the needs of shifters. This idea has been around, as of course it's been part of chats as is, so now there was a general agreement that we should start having such events. We will be creating a space for understanding, support, and feedback as desired, for any range of challenges that are most relevant to people who are into new paradigms, and/or doing the work to facilitate said transition.

The format is pretty open as of yet, and all I have in mind is a sort of blend of "stack" and "popcorn" approaches to group facilitation, in which people are firstly given the chance to share what they want, and when that person has has finished sharing and receiving any feedback they want, the forum will be open for any number of people to add themselves to the stack, the order in which we will continue. If you have suggestions for the format or would like to have any other input let me know. This is a first in what will hopefully become weekly circles. The best way to contact me (for now) is by PM on Facebook, for which you can find the link on my profile here.

This support circle will be held on Weds 1/24 at 9pm EST / Thu 1/25 2am UMC. It will tentatively be a Google hangout, with details to come by Tuesday or Wednesday.

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  • Community Admin

    Hey Jason, 

    We can put out a soft announcement for this tomorrow and see if we can just have a small group even. 

    The Off-Air Hangouts link is online, so for this and other hangouts just use follow this link and meet up in the hangout it directs to

    I will aim to be around for some of it. 

    Thanks for helping with the initative. Follow this week we will see about having the meet up as a weekly thing. 

This reply was deleted.

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