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Community Admin

Hey Team!

A core objective for the Mental Health team is to work towards us doing very important broadcasts related to a variety of topics. Often some of the heavier topics of course, yet also finding ways to focus discussions in exciting and inspiring ways too.

This is a call to see who is interested in helping out with this, so please reply if you are interested. 

You can assist by helping brainstorm ideas here in the thread, as well as even be involved as a facilitator during the live broadcasts. They can be with set hosts and guests as well as open more for anyone in the community to join.

I am asking for help with even how we would title the broadcasts - since that will give us the container.

Some examples of some topic themes for broadcasts that I would like to see us do over time would be things like "Understanding Mental Health" "Healing from Sexual Assault Experiences"(Something along those lines.), "Tips for Living With Mental Health", "Mental Health Community Support Forum"

These discussions will be very important, so it is important that we recognize them as that while preparing for them. 

How would you like to assist with this objective? 
What are some themes for topics we can focus on?
Who would like to be in the broadcasts directly?

Thanks again Team. 

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  • Hey Team,

    I'm crazy busy with grad school right now, but I will definitely help out where I can. I think tips for living with mental health or understanding mental health would be a great place to start! IDK if you are familiar with ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) but it blends a lot of eastern philosophy with modern western therapeutic practices. Definitely may be a great place to start when thinking about understanding mental health and tips for living a rich and meaningful life. Happy to expand on this if y'all are interested!


  • About me and Mental Health
    Passion Is The Gateway Drug: Transforming Perceived Mental Illness Into A Blessing

    Happy to help out if we can find 3-10 people to form a team.

    <3 Bret 

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