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Community Admin

Paradigm Shift Central presents
Destiny School: Healing Beyond Sexual Assault & Creating Consent Culture

An interactive community forum live broadcast. 
Hosted by the Paradigm Shift Central Mental Health Team.

LIVE Thursday, Nov 9, 9:36pm EST.

Please comment if you are interested in either watching or partaking in this community forum and why this topic is important to you. 

Please leave comments and suggestions on how you feel we should organize this broadcast in both a sensitive and empowering way.

Here is the link for the eventual live broadcast -

I am looking for females and males within the Mental Health Team who would like to help host this broadcast. 

You need to be a member of Paradigm Shift Central to add comments!

Email me when people reply –


  • I think one way to help people build sensitivity and compassion is by helping them to understand the emotional toll sexual assault has on an individual. One way to do that is to familiarize oneself with the criteria for PTSD (a diagnosis sexual assault survivors often get when they seek treatment) because it outlines many of the experiences these individuals deal with after the trauma. 

    Also trying to use person/people first language when talking about sexual assault. 

    Maybe the mental health team should be prepared to redirect the flow of conversation if anyone starts to take a victim blaming perspective?

  • I'm definitely interested in participating. Consent culture is something that needs to be promoted, because rape culture is so deeply embedded in our society that 1 in 5 women have been sexually assaulted and i'm not sure that statistic even includes sexual harassment. To create consent culture, there needs to be more spaces that people who have experienced the effects of rape culture can go to to feel supported and to feel like they aren't alone and most importantly, where they feel safe and where there are people who have their back if anything happens. That's why i'm happy that we are doing this and showing that paradigm shift central is a space like that. I think its very important for it to be. 

  • This is indeed an important topic. So many are struggling alone and its up to others to be observant and proactive, whilst also being sensit e not to push them away. I would love to participate in this disscussion.
  • This is such a powerful topic to cover. As a survivor of sexual assault I know how difficult it can be to even get out there and talk sometimes. It's been 16 years for me and I still sweat a little when these topics get brought out.
    With all the groundbreaking movements going on this is a good time to work out topics like: how our society fuels the rape culture, how victimizing yourself will never help you heal, how to raise sons that respect women in the first place and also maybe how to start talks with brothers, fathers, uncles etc. To help raise awareness and let the good men out there fight this with us.
  • Community Admin

    During the Team Building Circle for Nov 2 we began preliminary team discussion related to this topic that went for about an hour. 
    Check it out when you can at the 2h 22min mark

  • Community Admin

    Thank you again everyone for being a part of the discussion. 
    Today is the day of the live broadcast. 
    If you have further notes to add about topics you would like to see discussed please leave them on this post. 

    Thank you. 

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