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Hey all,

I'm new here but I'm an old friend of Brendon's. You will be seeing me around the mental health team.Okay, trigger warning...My name is Tori.I am a yoga teacher based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Months ago, I first broke the news (in an anonymous blog) that I had been raped by a sort of authority figure in the "New Age Community".This was in 2012. I was traveling with him. Turns out he was not who he seemed.This was Jordan Duchnycz, Creator of Spirit Science.If you haven't heard, you can find that here:

I am writing today to add my own voice to the discussion on the topic of Rape and sexual assault. I need help.The District Attorney turned down my case despite a recorded confession by my rapist. I line up next to all the other victims of rape who have had their voices cut out.In recent months, word got out about who my rapist was. My rapist responded to the allegations with utter lies and manipulation in two blog posts.1:

It was after these posts that I decided to release a portion of the almost 2 hour call between my perpetrator and myself. My rapist is a liar and a manipulator and that it all he knows how to do.Recording can be found here:

My rapist doesn't deserve a social platform that discusses social change and "healing" when he himself is a rapist, admittedly, who now is attempting desperately to hide what he did.At very least here, I am speaking up in order to raise awareness. Beyond that I am speaking up to see justice through. I want the truth out there.Please pay close attention to all details involved.I will not stay silent or anonymous anymore.



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  • Community Admin

    Thank you again for sharing Tori. I know your story is an important reflection for many others and important topic within the conscious community. Tori and I have been in touch about this topic going back to April 2017.

    Moving forward i just want to let others know on the team that one objective is working towards a team broadcast hosted by the Mental Health Team related to the topics of sexual trauma with the intention of bringing light onto the dark and to help create a safe space for others and discuss topics related to healing as individuals and collectives, accountability, etc etc. This is an ongoing discussion and a very important one. For those who want to be involved with the broadcast please comment in your responses below. 

    I think focusing more on the individual healing and creating a safe space for those who have had their own experiences to talk is important. Turning it into an attack on Jordan right away will distrupt that safe space. If we focus on ourselves first then the rest will play out naturally, and word will catch wind again.

    Thank you again to all those for being a part of this discussion. 
    • A broadcast sounds like a great way to spread the word and bring the community together. I'm happy to help in whatever way I can. :) 

    • You already know that I'd love to help with this, but just a reminder, I'm here and would love to help!

  • Thank you for posting this <3 I have a lot of compassion for you and know from personal experience how this can feel. Would you be willing to answer a few questions about this just to make the picture a little more clear for everyone?

  • 1st I want you to know how brave and strong you are! This is NEVER easy and it's awesome you are speaking out. I am a survivor sexual assault I posted a little to my blog last night after reading about this: I myself need to write more about it and you've encouraged that in me! I would love to talk, and touch base. Know this, no matter what you are NOT ALONE! Never ALONE! Thank you for your strength!

    Peace for your heat, love for all, and light to light up the dark places!

    You are not now, nor have you ever been alone!
    A tragic story of sexual assault was brought to my attention today and I just feel the need to write and reach out to anyone, male, female, ...
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