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Team Overview

Team Objectives: To create healthy ongoing community discussion and support for those interested in the topic of Mental Health. To help de-stigmatize the topic and those related to it. 

Participation Involved: Sharing your voice, listening to others, providing links to resources, providing personal insight, advice, and support for each other, private team voice / video chat, etc.

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Discussion Forum

Shifter Support Circle 1/24

During an off-air hangout this week, we discussed the possibility of recurring support group hangouts focused on the needs of shifters. This idea has been around, as of course it's been part of chats as is, so now there was a general agreement that we should start having such events. We will be creating a space for understanding, support, and feedback as desired, for any range of challenges that are most relevant to people who are into new paradigms, and/or doing the work to facilitate said…

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1 Reply · Reply by Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon Jan 23, 2018
Community Admin

Live Broadcast Planning - Destiny School: Healing Beyond Sexual Assault & Creating Consent Culture. Nov 9, 9:36pm EST

Paradigm Shift Central presents Destiny School: Healing Beyond Sexual Assault & Creating Consent Culture An interactive community forum live broadcast.  Hosted by the Paradigm Shift Central Mental Health Team. LIVE Thursday, Nov 9, 9:36pm EST. Please comment if you are interested in either watching or partaking in this community forum and why this topic is important to you.  Please leave comments and suggestions on how you feel we should organize this broadcast in both a sensitive and…

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6 Replies · Reply by Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon Nov 9, 2017

A Call to Action re Sexual Assault and Accountability within the Spiritual Community

Hey all, I'm new here but I'm an old friend of Brendon's. You will be seeing me around the mental health team.Okay, trigger warning...My name is Tori.I am a yoga teacher based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Months ago, I first broke the news (in an anonymous blog) that I had been raped by a sort of authority figure in the "New Age Community".This was in 2012. I was traveling with him. Turns out he was not who he seemed.This was Jordan Duchnycz, Creator of Spirit Science.If you haven't heard, you…

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5 Replies · Reply by ColaGranola Oct 8, 2017
Community Admin

Organizing Future Live Broadcasts Facilitated by the Mental Health Team

Hey Team! A core objective for the Mental Health team is to work towards us doing very important broadcasts related to a variety of topics. Often some of the heavier topics of course, yet also finding ways to focus discussions in exciting and inspiring ways too. This is a call to see who is interested in helping out with this, so please reply if you are interested.  You can assist by helping brainstorm ideas here in the thread, as well as even be involved as a facilitator during the live…

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2 Replies · Reply by Bret A Warshawsky Nov 28, 2017

Various Resources

Hi everyone, is a link to a google file that contains a number of resources. Some of the resources are specifically about peer support/counseling, some are from a mindfulness based strengths practice workshop I did (which may be helpful in identifying and working with peoples strengths), and one is a working document containing a draft of a peer support contract that we can work off of.-Bren

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3 Replies · Reply by Beth Fehrensen Jun 5, 2017
Community Admin

Awakening Healing Energy by Mantak Chia (PDF)

Here is a link to a pdf that I am sharing. It is a very valuable read related to understanding subtle energies within our body, the dynamics of them, and our own healing potential.  If you are not familiar with Mantak Chia I suggest taking some time to read more from him. I can post some additional PDFs later. They can also be found manually within the hidden library on the website.  Mantak%20Chia%20-%20Awaken%20Healing%20Energy.pdf  Who here has come across Mantak Chia before?

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0 Replies · Reply by Beth Fehrensen Jun 5, 2017

Scheduling a Google Hangout

Hello All, I'd like to schedule a Google Hangout next Monday during team work schedules for this team to chat live about what we need to prepare ourselves for a successful public launch. Can all comment below with a time between 9AM and 4PM Pacific Standard Time that would work best for them. Many Thanks! Beth

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3 Replies · Reply by Beth Fehrensen Jun 5, 2017

Throwing out suggestions

I'm looking forward to this being a beneficial part of the website. I'd like to suggest we take shifts at particular times of day at which we are available for voice and video chat with people who need support. We can then post on the media streams who is available and when so people know when they can reach out and who they would be able to get in touch with. It might also be a good idea to figure out which shifters want to and don't want to work on specific topics i.e. maybe someone is really…

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4 Replies · Reply by Bren Boyd Jun 5, 2017

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  • Hello, beautiful people!

    My name is Kyle, but you can also call me Lumi.

    One of my proudest achievements in my life was creating an anti-bullying club in my High School my freshman year, which I was a founder and an officer of throughout my High School years. We gathered all kinds of different people, most of which were LGBTQ or otherwise a misfit and we organized many events and made quite a splash in my small east Texas town. Perhaps more importantly we created a community and a safe space in our school for people to go to simply feel understood and to feel like they belonged somewhere. I know in my heart we made a big difference in that school and continue to do so because even though I've graduated, the club I created still continues on and I still communicate with them regularly. I've always been drawn to being a therapist growing up and helping people in that way and I still hope to find a way to bring that into my role in the future. Since becoming more spiritually in tune I see many parallels between my time in my Anti-Bullying club and with Paradigm Shift and creating conscious community. I hope to bring that into my role in assisting the shift in Consciousness and i'm excited to be co-creating with you all. Much love. <3

  • Hello fellow Shifters!

    My name is Luke Westlake, it's a pleasure to meet you.

    I joined the Mental Health Team because this is an area I have quite a bit of experience with in my own life. While I'm not a trained professional in the mental health field, I have spent a lot of time working with various therapists and therapies in order to sort myself out after being diagnosed with Crohn's Disease almost 10 years ago. I've opted for a holistic/natural approach and over the years have found things that work for me (as well as a whole pile of BS and con artists out there).

    I've developed many relationships and vetted some of the best therapies, treatments, and modalities that really work for me and that I've seen work for others. I'm currently transitioning out of an 18+ year career in the music industry and building a new career helping others through their shift, be it physical health, mental health, EMF hygiene, Light/Sound hygiene, fitness, self awareness, self authoring, diet, movement, etc. In my opinion, it all starts within, and none of these areas can be ignored!

    I look forward to connecting with all of you and learning more about you and your path. Feel free to reach out to me here or on pretty much any social media (FB /lukewestlake, IG limitless.luke, Twitter /lukewestlake, or if you'd like to chat!

    Cheers :)

    Retired tour manager & audio engineer turned entrepreneur. Sharing my unique perspective on life, philosophy, health, wellness, science, and tech…
  • One tip I do and it sometimes work's. I pretend my phone is a one way shield generator. And i put all aux power to shields.
  • As I get more comfortable with this setup, I will make myself available for personal sessions, all free of charge.
  • As the planet gets closer to the shift, the interaction we have with each other will intensify, if your in a mall with allot of people, your reality will be pulled all over the place, just know, this is something that will pass. Try not to always react based on how you feel, there are allot of mad angry people for what ever reason. You will feel like a bi polar or a skitzo. BTW I have been diagnosed with both, if you Don't have at least one mental so called issue, then your not helping with the shift. ( I'm being extreme not everyone will feel this extreme the same, I just say it like that for contrast.)
  • Hey High Vibe Humans,
    Glad we are able to connect in this digital space. I'm here to offer assistance and healing. My mission is to Save the world one adventure at a time, One person at a time.
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