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Community Admin

Wake up Dreamers. 

As an interesting thing to help support each other in our practice - I am inviting team members to use this thread to share short form notes about our dreams that we recall AS we recall them the day of. 

No doubt people are at varying degrees of their recall ability, which is why this thread can still be participated in by everyone. Even if you just recall one word, idea, or feeling form your dream - leave them in this thread. You are not obligated to provide context for what you write as your dream recall notes. 

Over time we will be seeing and observing an over arching map, story, and perhaps even language of our collective dreams....

Let us begin, shall we?

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  • Community Admin

    Neural feed network hook up. Free Hugs. Future City. Trifecta College. Advanced summoning mudra postures. 

  • Was with several familiar faces and a tall, built albino looking ET figure. They were working on what I interpret to have been some form of media collaboration involving filming of some kind. Later in a dope multiple story tent. Then on an upper balcony in a structure of some kind, looked out over the ledge, then noticed a large screen before me, beings upon it conveying to me that there is always more adventure to explore. That felt wonderful to hear. Later on, continued down the corridor to the left of the screen. Then with another familiar friend who was talking about the lack of use of "feminine" words; he speaks Spanish. (I interpret this to have been a reflection of coming back into balance with the divine feminine on a global scale.) Later, discussing the tree line on our property and how some spots provide more shade coverage than others (quite mundane, haha).

  • Community Admin

    Downtown. Old video games. Crazy Robot boss with wild arms and a red laser. My dog dalin and my father. One tooth feel out. 

  • Community Admin

    Last night in my dream I remember getting shot in the chest. But it was with a lead bb. So it was bleeding, and the ball was stuck in my chest, and eventually I got it out. Had other parts but difficulty recalling fully. 

  • I remember being on the Earth and it was spinning at extreme speeds. Looking up at the stars, I could see everything with crystal clarity. Many more stars visible to me than normal (even in relation to living where I live in waking reality with absolutely no light pollution). The stars in closer proximity to Earth (i.e. those in the Milky Way galaxy, for instance) were moving much more quickly than those that were further away. Personally, I interpret this to have been an accelerated "time lapse" of sorts in which I was shown how the apparent layout of the stars relative to Earth and the Solar system might evolve over long stretches of time (thousands of years perhaps).

  • Community Admin

    October 2nd
    I remember having a powerful dream in which I took part in a form of ayahausca ceremony. Instead of a tea we ate a type of bread. Soma perhaps. I was in a group. I remember looking to the ceiling and seeing visions appear that began to look like a tapestry of golden snakes. I could of went deeper but I had to get up to go to the bathroom in real life. Went back to sleep to try and get back into the dream, ended up in another dream but in that one I was telling someone about the aya dream and that began to bring back the visions again. In that dream I was also in my childhood house. 

  • Community Admin

    October 3
    I recall at one point my dream was similar to playing a video game or something, but I was like playing the character of the hulk and I could jump really far really high. I remember some kids down below seeing me soar by in awe. I remember there being water. I also recall later in the dream being in like a Star Wars battle. No light sabers though. Only blasters. Rebels vs storm troopers. I remember using my blaster rifle, throwing explosives, and stealing a speederbike. Again it was much like a video game. 

  • Community Admin

    October 4
    I recall a friend asking to go on a walk with me. They explained something important. And then they gave me a gift of what was basically like a levelled up Triforce from Legend of Zelda in 3D / 5D form. 
    It looked like what I drew here when I woke up but much more multi-dimensional, and made of gold and shining gold light. I feel that I still carry this gift with me now...

  • Community Admin

    October 5
    I remember discovering a HUGE drum circle on a hill with lots of people. It was night time. Very powerful. After it finished we talked about organizing another one. Later on in the dream I remember wearing my Mystic Spiderman suit, but with modified upgrades and armour on it. I remember seeing other people in Spiderman suits aswell. I also remember being in a mall and strugling to decide which pad thai to get and then just ended up getting a sandwich. XD Deep stuff man...

  • A light switched in the wee hours of the night. Earth cleansing noticeably apparent. Next phase is to furthur bring to the surface this new resonance which will continue to attract new earth paradigms. We are rooted in mother earth and her frequencies therefore continued alignment will occur to our synonymous relationship with Gaia.
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