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Team Overview

Team Objectives: To create ongoing community discussion and accountability to support practices and explorations related to dream exploration, lucid dreaming, multi-dimensional reality, mindfulness, infinity, and beyond.

Participation Involved: Writing down your dreams, sharing your dreams, sharing practical tips, sharing inspiraitonal media resources related to dreams, group reality checks, group synchronized meditations and dreaming, researching, etc. To continue discussions related to dreams between Live Broadcasted Dream Classes.

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TEAM PRACTICE: Sharing Short Form Dream Notes

Wake up Dreamers.  As an interesting thing to help support each other in our practice - I am inviting team members to use this thread to share short form notes about our dreams that we recall AS we recall them the day of.  No doubt people are at varying degrees of their recall ability, which is why this thread can still be participated in by everyone. Even if you just recall one word, idea, or feeling form your dream - leave them in this thread. You are not obligated to provide context for what you write as your dream recall notes.  Over time we will be seeing and observing an over arching map, story, and perhaps even language of our collective dreams.... Let us begin, shall we? ∞

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13 Replies · Reply by Turner Van Laanen Sep 7, 2018

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  • I've been seeing A LOT of hawks/ eagles lately. I work in landscaping and I'm always all over town, I see most of my city on a daily basis. Last nites dream, was magical. I saw a hawk. I touched it. He felt magical, full of wisdom, ancient, omnipotent. He hung out with me, let me feel his presence. I didn't see his face, but I felt it. I felt his mind on me. Heavy. Muscular. A very powerful dream. Hawks symbolise subconscious messages from the divine, I think it's time to pay more attention to my self.
  • Community Admin

    Aloha Dreams Team! 

    Join in for the next live broadcast this Thursday, Sept 14, 9:36pm EST (6:36pm PST / 2:36am GMT)

    As per usual we will be using google hangouts. Follow the button on the broadcast page to join. Please begin arriving around 9pm EST if you can to prepare ahead for the broadcast. 

    What are some topics related to dreaming that you would like to see explored during the broadcast?

    Please help share the main link as you choose.

    Paradigm Shift Central: Dream Class. Sept 14, 2017
    BROADCASTING LIVE 9:36pm  - 11:36pm EST, Thurs, Sept 14, 2017. (6:36pm PST / 2:36am GMT) Interactive group discussion to help assist with the shift…
  • This team seems to explore a lot of topics I'm familiar with, and that I would like to learn more about. Anything going on lately?
  • dreamers unite!
  • Community Admin
    ∞ Remember you are dreaming ∞
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