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Community Admin

I'd like to use this thread as a place to drop some memes as a team that related to the styles below. Both ones we find that are good references for styles and ideas, and ones we create. Just let us know if you made it. 

So as some example that I'll share to begin, here are some ones made by Sean Marshall. Who also started @pscmemes1111 on instagram, which we are growing as another branch for media reach.

I guess the style is of finding images and then thinking about them from a saterical Shifty perspective. So perhaps we can find some funny old old pictures from way back that exist as fair use. And also making our own, and seeing where the path leads as practice. 
Notice - having the website somewhere in the images is a primary key. So we will see how we will work that in consistently where need be.

So here are 3 more that are just internet finds. These ones I feel are good example of how humour can work with memes. Talking animals will always be a thing, so maybe we can play with that. XD

And so what is cool is the idea of weaving in gratitude into the memes message. That makes people naturally excited to help share it. 

When creating memes its important to ask "Why would someone want to share this meme?" - To make their friends laugh, to inspire others, to share their own gratitude, to provide an inspiring idea. 

Memes are like little love packages that are delivered to people and they get to open them. 

And so of course multidimensional and metaphysical type memes are all the rage these days. I feel a key target is being able to present memes about spirituality that are both satirical and yet still informative. 

So with that - please join in the ongoing discussion and practice of these kind of memes. As we grow the inventory we will see about curating them through the Paradigm Shift Central facebook page and other places. 

Reminder to connect to the team and myself and support each other on social media

Woop woop. 


- Brendon

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