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Team Overview

Team Objectives: To create inspiring and original conscious meme images to be shared through facebook and other social media to help plant conscious seeds as well as help expand and grow the reach of the community networks.

Skills Involved: Creative thinking, humour, Photoshop / graphics, social media / facebook curration

This team is currently open for new members.

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Inspiring Phrases on Ambient / Artistic Backgrounds w Sacred Geometry - Practice Zone

MEMES TEAM FOREVER! Hey again guys.  So for this I want to focus a bit more on a specific style that I have played around with in the past. We can create things with the similar template below or expand into additional styles. Check out the examples below.  At this point I'd say lets just focus on gathering phrases to put into memes. They can be quotes or something you write. Please leave those in your comments to this thread and any other ideas.  Also in terms of background things could…

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3 Replies · Reply by Brendon Culliton / Skull Babylon Sep 11, 2017
Community Admin

Text on Funny Images - Practice Zone

I'd like to use this thread as a place to drop some memes as a team that related to the styles below. Both ones we find that are good references for styles and ideas, and ones we create. Just let us know if you made it.  So as some example that I'll share to begin, here are some ones made by Sean Marshall. Who also started @pscmemes1111 on instagram, which we are growing as another branch for media reach. I guess the style is of finding images and…

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Costume Memes for build conscious meme stash // PSC social media campaign

These are all images made from a Detroit Area based artist who is famous on 4Chan for his artwork. He has been working with me to produce content for the 3rd Eye Horizon project and he'd like to offer his work to be used in the Paradigm Shift Central project as well. He created the images and messages all him self. I feel like most of the images fit the idea of creating social and higher conscious messaging. Would love to create a social media campaign with these for PSC to use to have frequent…

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