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Light Hearted Numbered Articles

Hey peeps,

So Brendon suggested a lovely simple article "Top Three Reasons to Get Out in Nature". I love this as I tend to get WAAAAAAAYYYY too deep and heady all the time with what I write about. Also I love nature and find it highly important to engage with the outdoors on a regular basis so this hits home for me. I'm gonna start working on this now in a googledoc and I will share my first draft here as a discussion so that you guys can offer feedback, input, and editing. I'm thinking about approaching the top three concept by choosing one reason for each the body, mind, and spirit, so the numerical order of one, two, and three, will not be a hierarchy or anything like that. I'm off to make this happen. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!



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  • Woot! Awesome initiatives Beth! Ya I feel that doing Light Hearted number articles is a key source for ideas and creative writing practice.

    Another one I had way back that maybe someone wants to pick up would be something like "5 Reasons Being Vegan is Sexy".

    Honestly I am interested in the concept of kinda playing with the psychology of click bait titles but in a mindful way while still making the content good quality!
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    • Awesome photos! Go ahead and start building a draft using the Quest Journal. I will transfer it to articles upon completion.
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