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For awhile now I have been very interested in the idea of creating looping animations that people can meditate too. These already exist in many ways, and I feel it would be really cool to see what can be created with intention. 

I am thinking a variety of styles, ambient, sacred geometry, tunnels, breathing rhythms, fractals, hue shifts. 

The idea would be to be able to practice eye gazing on these graphics while at your computer at times listening to chill music. And from there part of the idea and intention is to allow the mind to explore and attune to a variety of our influence based on will and choice. To create portals to log back into the source of the Idranet. 

The project would then be to practice being creative and exploring and creating a variety of short animations as we explore and become refamiliar with the versatility of techno magic and ideas. 

I will be using Adobe After Effects, and alot of Trapcode Echo plugin.


Meditation Portals currently online are viewable across the site and at
The majority of the current images stand in as inspiration and examples from a variety of artits, though not currently fully sourceable. 

Here are some examples of just what I have been creating while playing around to get familiar with the program and finding out what can be made by exploring. And getting more familiar with making gif loops. Currently I convert to gif in Photoshop using the "Save for Web" options. 
I am also practicing posting them to

Potentials are as unlimited as your imagination. 

Post replies of any of your own practice loops as gifs.

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