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Sight Beyond Sight Episodes

Though perhaps outdated, these original videos are still valuable for educational purposes about metaphysics and reality as a whole. 

Sight Beyond Sight

Episodes 1 - 9 


In 2011, Brendon and the team documented a variety of guest speakers who came in to speak at the Paradigm Shift meetings while still in the college. Out of that, a 9 episode series was created - covering and introducing a wide variety of paradigm shifty topics. 

1 -Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection
2 - Life Beyond "Death", Guides and More (+Spoon Bending).
3 - Understanding Energy Healing: Quantum Mechanics and Reiki
4- The Importance of Chakra Attunement
5- London Psychic Expo 2011
6- Spirituality Expo 2011
7- Micro Presentations Event
8- Reincarnation, Past Lives, and Meditation
9 - Opening Your Heart Chakra

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