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Quest Journals are an opportunity for Shifters to share and document their own unfolding spiritual journey as part of the collective shift in consciousness. Personal introspections, visions and intentions, local Shiftivism adventures, community updates, dream journals, personal creations, art, poetry, music, videos, and more. This is a space for us to practice gonzo journalism and creating conscious media.

Together our stories weave a bigger story. 
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Community Admin

This morning I woke up from one of the most intense 'nightmares' I have ever had....

Now to be honest, it can barely even remember the last time I had a nightmare, let alone one of this intensity. As a quick overview - there was some really trippy Silent Hill type vibes to it that I explain a bit more in the video. (Silent Hill is a really spooky horror video game.) As I woke up I could still feel the aftershock in my body. And as much as I wanted to just jump out of bed and shake it off and forget it - instead I chose to stay in bed, reach over for my iphone, and record a video dream log of my experience to document for myself and others what happened and more importantly - what my response was to it. 

Nightmares are teachers too. They are teaching us that we do not always have to run away and hide from that which scares us. Nightmares are some of the most epic ways to help us step into our potential, both as dream creators, and both as holders of courage. 

Will you run away from it? Or will you face it - learn from it - and meet it with love?

Let us face our fears. Let us see them as teachers. Let us see them as a unique catalyst to help us awaken the potential that we carry as dreamers within this reality - capable of alchemizing nightmares on multiple levels of the dream....

Here is the video of my Dream Log, recorded as soon as I woke up. 

As always, I invite and encourage others to practice recording and making their own video dream logs to share as Quest Journals through the website so that we can continue to learn and grow along side one another. 

Remember you are dreaming. 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon

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Community Admin

Neo-gonzo Journalist of the Future. Director / Team Captain for Paradigm Shift Central.
A shadow in the dark, a voice in the void, a ripple, a wave, a moment...


  • This reply was deleted.
    • yes resonates with me and my experience! txs for sharing JC's quote lol, another JC :D oh the connections and synchronous elements of the game-dream

  • Wow that sounded crazy.  I know there have been many times that I wanted to go back into a dream to "fix" something or continue the journey if I was woken up before it was finished.  My nightmares are normally me trying to tell people something and they cant hear me, I cant talk, or I am speaking another language...  

    Awesome idea to just start recording right when you woke up.  That was probably the best way to capture what you were feeling.  

    I hope to start remembering my dreams more!

    Great share :) thanks!

    • I agree, it is an excellent idea that he started recording right away. In fact, last night I left my dream quest journal document open with the intention of doing the same idea (though wasn't considering a nightmare, but who does, right? lol). So, this morning, I grabbed my keyboard to start typing about my dream that I could recall, and it wasn't much. And I just wasn't into it, and so put down the keyboard, and the idea, and let it go.Maybe next time, will see. But, now adding this idea, video taping, wow, a whole different dynamic to my choices and game-play. Maybe? will see.

      Yeah, your dream pattern-theme that you shared here is focus on your "voice" (throat chakra idea), speaking your truth, that kind of thing, and the idea of you feeling others can't understand, hear, or translate what you feel to express into their own meanings. There's so much to work with in this, probably infinite haha. So amazing, to me what we are and what we use to speak to ourselves. I also have a whole bunch of things coming up, for next level, level -up , freedom fun, joy, intent, for me to explore about speaking my truth and why and how and when and all that jazz. So thank you for sharing, and being a reflection. <3 much love, namaste Jaclyn

  • First of all thank you so much for being a mirror for me, which I poignantly became aware of as I went to comment after watching your video, noticing that ithe time was 12:21. That this experience is highly synchronous and relevant to what I am focused on in my game. And not that I just had a nightmare myself, no but that I've been watching the tv show called Falling Waters which is all about dreams: lucid dreaming, shared dreaming, and this is a dream. I also had just come from joining the reddit for that tv show, followed by googling whether Paradigm Shift Central had any reddit posts, or threads, which led me back to here, which is where I knew I was eventually headed anyways lol, to check out not only the dream related videos on our site, but also the articles and videos on multidimensional movies, like what you did on Dr. Strange that I watched yesterday and posted to my timeline, inspired then to follow through with writing a review and article here on the tv show Falling Waters. And here you mention Dr. Strange again. :D Oh the relevancy and synchronous and magic! And I started keeping a dream quest journal yesterday! Mainly how my 'waking' life reality is presenting like a dream, rather than about my sleeping dream experiences. But I know the two are crossing over, merging, playing off each other, as well, and that's party of my dream quest journey. Now further more, I followed another amazing synchronicity today and it is which led me initially to reddit today, and then to find and join the Falling Waters Reddit group-thread, where I hope to also share my experience with the tv show. Now, I know I will also be sharing your video here in that thread, in the near near future. So much, so much.

    And MOREOVER totally INTO facing these fears about any of this, nightmares, those in any dream or reality and yes transmogrifying them, alchemizing them into my highest awareness, and starting out simply by just being curious and open, rather than avoiding, as you so aptly said "ignoring," but rather bringing my awareness, my third eye sight of all is well, all is me, all is from me for me for my own experience within/without revolution-evolution from fear to fantastic and fun, with a journey through the land of curiosity and the unknown, until I level up and integrate fully into that which I am exploring and becoming that I am presenting to myself in the present. Whew, powerful stuff. And this very much touches on the idea of whether something or some one, or entities are entering your / our collective or unique-individual dream, or are you inviting that dance through some fear and victim idea of no choice, no control. Or are we realizing that we are choosing at a broad level and are giving our 'lower' level experience the perfect quest that we are ready for to acclimate, integrate and uplevel, so that we can sit down and have a face to face with any other that may be focused very differently than we would choose, but rather than be fearful, learn, be engaged, be curious, and empowered to take whatever resonates and leave the rest, and unconditionally love and respect the others journey with shared, masterful, awareness. namaste.

    Thank you Brandon.
    Dream on. <3 :D

This reply was deleted.

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