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The game of the Ocean and Me

It's been quite a ride since I last posted anything here. I have successfully plunged myself deeply into my own darkest oceans and have come up for air many times, each time flying higher and higher into the sky before diving back in. I have reached yet another pinnacle moment in my journey. I can feel the changing winds beginning to whirl around me, the sky herself whispers her secrets in my ear. Jumping off this cliff into the waters is not as terrifying as it used to be. With every jump I am re-minded of that burning fire inside my chest, which grows bigger each time. It feels like I will be consumed by it at any moment. I am learning the art of surrender and of trust. With that growing joy in my heart, I play this endless game of climbing up to the cliff only to jump back into the water. At first it felt like a cruel game of endless cycles of suffering. But at a certain point, I'm not sure exactly when, I began to realize that each time I emerged from those waters a layer of my costume had washed away. I'm almost to the point of gleefully flinging myself off this ledge and embracing the waters as an old friend. Wash away these layers, old friend, let me see myself the way you see me. Let me sit by your waters in my full naked glory and bask in the sunlight as it slowly descends into your waters as I have so many times. This game of ours will always be dear to my heart. 

Eternally yours. 

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