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Quest Journals are an opportunity for Shifters to share and document their own unfolding spiritual journey as part of the collective shift in consciousness. Personal introspections, visions and intentions, local Shiftivism adventures, community updates, dream journals, personal creations, art, poetry, music, videos, and more. This is a space for us to practice gonzo journalism and creating conscious media.

Together our stories weave a bigger story. 
Go forth and create your own mythos.

Question: EdwardOGrace what the best way to ease into this awakening? I don't want to get hit full blast... and is it possible to get sick or lose your mind? also have u been in contact with malevolent beings? how do you rid of them?

Response: Hi Lou Jr, Conscious awareness awakening is an automatic process that occurs relative to the space our solar system is moving through. The awakening so to speak happens so slow it's like watching a tree grow. It's a multi-generational event and you really only notice it when you reflect on the dynamics of who you were and how you behaved years in the past and then relate it to who you are now and how your behaviour and perceptions are different.

Most people don't even notice it and even if they do become aware things have changed relate the changes to simply getting older and more experienced at being human. Not the fact that our sun is moving through space and dragging the solar system with it at a very rapid pace. Have a look at this link so you can understand. What we got taught at school about the solar system was a lie.

The power of consciousness is relative to the consciousness frequencies that our solar system is moving through. Think of your body like a receiver of consciousness frequencies. To be aware of reality, to create perceptions about reality is always relative to the consciousness frequencies your body can access via the subtle energy that surrounds your body. Your subtle energy is the antenna that receives the frequency that acts as the foundation energy for your body to be able to perceive.

If you know nothing about subtle energy then the process of change will be like I mentioned above very slow like watching a tree grow and you will not even be aware of it but if you are well studied like I am and can open your third eye and communicate with higher dimensional entities lessons can be learned about how to expand the range that your consciousness antenna can tune into.

Here's a metaphor, Think of the shape of your consciousness antenna as a sphere. Think of the consciousness frequencies you can tune into being relative to the size of your sphere. Let's say everyone born on the planet has a sphere or frequency range the size of the planet meaning what ever consciousness frequencies that our planet is moving through that is the limit that your antenna can tune into. What I have learned is that is it possible to expand the size of your sphere so you can tune into consciousness frequencies that exist in the space our solar system will move into in the near future.

Let's say the planet is the size of a tennis ball and everyone's limit of awareness is the edges of the tennis ball what I have done is expand my tennis ball to the size of a basketball meaning I can tune into consciousness frequencies right now that everyone else will only be able to access in years to come when the earth moves into that space. To undertake such endeavours is very challenging and is known as accelerating your ascension.

The main benefit is the ability to comprehend information in an advanced format relative to the way others can comprehend information. It's then completely up to you how you choose to make decisions with your advanced ability to understand and contribute within earth's consciousness paradigm.

Most people in the past who knew about this process and undertook the training involved became very clever relative to other people who did not and thus were able to outperform them, leadership, warriors, politicians, kings and queens, merchants what ever. The occupation is irrelevant what is relevant is your ability to comprehend information. The ability to see the bigger picture from a smaller aspect within it and then base your decisions on advanced perceptions. Remember the tennis ball, basketball metaphor.

The training involved is what we now refer to as mindfulness techniques combined with ingesting monatomic elements and using DMT. How far you choose to advance your consciousness abilities simply comes down to will power. There are positives and negatives that accompany the experience. The positives being you will be able to comprehend information in ways others can not that leads onwards to powerful transformations within all aspects of your life. The negatives being the way you relate to others will transform also. Someone who you might have previously admired could transform into someone you now despise. I find this happens a lot, especially with business ethics and the leaders that create the rules.

Transformations with colleagues occurs rapidly, transformations with friends a little slower and transformations with family the slowest. Put simply the value of love you have established with those around you predetermines the importance of how you relate towards the differences of perceptions within the dynamics of your relationships with your colleagues, friends and family.

In regards to malevolent beings, like attracts like. If malevolent beings are attracted to you then you need to work out what you are doing that is malevolent and change it. Higher dimensional beings are attracted to emotional energy. Your emotional energy is a reflection of how you choose to embody morality. There are many great works that express stories about morality and how to become righteous all you simply need to do is become aware of your options and embrace one that suits the environment and conditions you find yourself in.

All religious doctrine embodies peace and righteousness but very few devotees do unto others as they would have others do unto them. Thus the malevolent beings have an attraction that they are drawn towards. The benevolent beings are all still there waiting to interact with us it's just that they have to wait until we change our perceptions and then the emotional attraction energy will become available for them to interact within and help guide us via our intuition. A consciousness ability that is precursor of telepathy that becomes activated by practising ascension and interacting within higher dimensional environments.

Once enough experience has been created this higher dimensional sense starts to work automatically. My first telepathy experience happened after I smoked about 20 cones of changa and has become stronger/clearer ever since. Last count I was at around cone 170. I am even creating this comment with the help of higher dimensional humans sharing their opinion with me via telepathy as I a write these words. (They are not all my words so to speak).

Put simply they way you dispel malevolent beings is by increasing your sense of morality and learning to love all things unconditionally from a state of mind we call being righteous. It is very easy to do, you simply need to become aware that you have options and base your decisions on positive emotional feedback not only for yourself but for all others that are within your sphere of influence. When you consider the feelings of others and place a higher value on their feelings and upliftment rather than your own well that's when you truly become righteous. There is not a malevolent being anywhere in the universe that will become attracted to you......Love your enemy, understand your enemy and you will forever hold the stronger hand and never be able to be defeated by them.

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