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This morning, I was awoken by the call of a good friend of mine that produces music (I'm currently on music hiatus in Orlando to allow my sound to gestate and ferment into full ripeness). During the entire conversation we shared back and forth our stories about the rise in synchronicity in our everyday lives. It was a most profound conversation and towards the end of the conversation we each received calls from unknown numbers at the same time. I write this journal entry to reassure anyone who is in need of confirmation. You are not alone. Things are changing energetically around the world for the better. Synchronicity is one of the beautiful gifts that help us confirm our notions and stay in flow. 

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  • Right on man. I am always a fan of the topic of synchronicity. 
    As a suggestion I would love to see you expand on the topic of synchronicity in this Quest Journal. Expand it so its a few paragraphs long. Add what it means to you - other examples of it, how it is helping accelerate things, etc. Also as a tip, its recommended adding an image to Quest Journals since it shows up in the preview through social media.  You can go back and edit this entry by clicking the gold EDIT button in the top upper right. 
    Look forward to documenting more of the synchronicities together. 0N3 L0V3

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