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About Quest Journals

Quest Journals are an opportunity for Shifters to share and document their own unfolding spiritual journey as part of the collective shift in consciousness. Personal introspections, visions and intentions, local Shiftivism adventures, community updates, dream journals, personal creations, art, poetry, music, videos, and more. This is a space for us to practice gonzo journalism and creating conscious media.

Together our stories weave a bigger story. 
Go forth and create your own mythos.

I'm on the top floor of an opera house, standing inside the hall that surrounds the main auditorium where the stage and audience are - when I look in through the doors that lead into the auditorium I can see the stage far below and tons of people in the audience. They're all dressed in fancy clothing - I feel really nervous because I know I'm about to do something extremely unfancy. The audience has a kind of melancholy brainwashed vibe - they seem to be somewhat dead inside and trained by this opera house to remain pretentiously somber. 

My perspective changes from first person all of a sudden and I can see myself from about 15 feet away. I’m dressed up like Spiderman and there’s a person slightly taller than me who is also dressed up like Spiderman to my left. There’s a small group of friends around us who all know what the plan is - they’re part of the team who have helped orchestrate this event. They’re dressed up in fancy clothing just like everyone else in the audience. They’re dressed like this in order to meld back in with the crowd when things start getting a little hectic and the security guards in the building start trying to find the hooligans responsible for this silly seeming disruption that’s about to occur. 

Some of our friends have cameras and video cameras and they’re documenting the events leading up to the Spidey show. We’re all being a bit giggly and simultaneously professional. 

My perspective changes back to first person. I glance in through the doors that lead from the surrounding hall and into the auditorium where the people are seated and waiting for the opera to begin. 

I reflect for a moment on the objective I’m about to follow through with. Ok…so…

Some of our teammates have gotten hired on to do maintenance work at this opera house / hotel - but really they’re being inconspicuous ninjas who are helping out our team. They’ve strategically placed two motorized zip lines from the top left and right of the back of the auditorium (behind the audience) - and both of the zip lines lead to and from the stage where the opera performance is supposed to occur. The people who own this opera house are black magic sorcerers, they possess 4 magical crystals that were stolen from humanity (either by them if they are somehow immortal - or by their ancestors) long before any of us were born into this modern era. (I imagine these crystals as I reflect on the objective - they’re clear crystals but they’re filled with light blue light that’s glowing out of them in a sort of pulsation). We don’t know much about them yet and have just recently unlocked the akashic remembrance of the part these crystals once played in humanity’s evolution before the sorcerers wove their spells over the eyes of our brothers and sisters. However, we do know that it is our duty to retrieve them from their hiding places and to do this in a peaceful yet anarchic manner in order to help begin the breaking of the spell in front of a whole audience of spellbound brothers and sisters. 

The curtains are pulled back and the music begins to fill the auditorium. My perspective shoots back to 15 feet away again, the two Spider-Mans give each other a high five and run in opposite directions to the top of the zip lines on the right and left of the area behind the audience. The friends enter the auditorium and sit down quietly to watch the show. 

I’m back in first person perspective and waiting patiently, with my hand on the zip line bar. A keyword is sung in the opera and I swing from the zip line over to the stage yelling, “Wooo-Hoooo!!!” as I swing. I can see the other Spiderman zip lining from the other side yelling silly, “Woo-Hoos” as well and this helps me feel less nervous and more capable of following through with the objective by bringing a light-heartedness to the situation lol. 

My perspective changes again to being back up high where I had previously been waiting to jump from the start of the zip line. I see the two Spidermans land on the stage to the bewilderment of the stage performers and the audience alike. They give a quick friendly wave to the audience and each runs backstage - one to the left and one to the right. They come back about a minute later and each of them are holding two of the magical glowing crystals. The light from the crystals begins to grow with each pulsation as the Spidermans hold them in front of the audience. The audience is provoked by this startlement and they seem to be somewhat aggravated at first but as the light from the crystals emanates throughout the auditorium, their expressions slowly transition from ‘aggravated’ - to - ‘momentarily very alert’ - to - ‘somewhat roused and awoken by the light’ with each luminous crystal light pulsation. They rise and begin to applaud and give out their own, “Woo-Hoos”! The Spidermans put the crystals into their messenger bags, grab the zip line handles, and are carried back up to the top rear of the auditorium where they each take off in opposite directions. 

I’m back in first person perspective again and I’m running from the auditorium in my Spiderman suit with the messenger bag filled with magical crystals in a rush to escape before the guards find me! I run into the hall outside the auditorium where all of the hotel rooms are. Some teammates have rented hotel rooms under fake names for the Spidermans to run to in order to change clothing. I’m running to my room but a guard suddenly sees me! I want to lure him away from the room so I have some actual time to change before he breaks into the room - so I run to the stairs to distract him. Luckily I’m somewhat lucid in the dream by this point so my ninja powers are activated lol. The stairway is one of those seemingly endless spirals with a hollow middle. I jump from the top of the stairway into the hollow middle area and ninja my way to the 3rd stairway down where I slide in to get a further head start run from the guard. I run a few more sections down and exit the door into another hall and run to the closest elevator. I press the up button and awkwardly wait for the elevator doors to open. There are fancily dressed opera goers surrounding me and they seem intrigued by my SpiderMan suit and my calmness as I wait for the elevator doors to open. 

The elevator doors finally open! Geez! lol - my heart’s racing - I cordially enter the elevator as more startled people exit it and look at me with friendly curiosity. I wave and say hi in a happy manner. Everyone gives me the elevator to myself so I quickly press the “Shut Doors” button and rise to the top floor of the opera house again. The elevator doors open and I run to my hotel room and lock the door behind me with the quickness! The window to the room is already open and there’s a rope on a motorized pulley system that I can hop onto and ride down to the bottom of the outdoor area of the opera house / hotel on - the rope has handle bars and a bar thing where I can put my feet on it to stand safely and comfortably. I have the remote control for it in my messenger bag pocket so I can have it take me down when I want. There’s a knee length fancy jewelled red dress on the bed with some white high heels and a fancy blue purse (equipped with a fake i.d. and money incase I’m questioned) laid out on for me to change into - and there’s a big fancy light blue tweed trench coat next to them on the bed. 

I quickly take off the Spiderman suit and shove it into the arms of the tweed coat. The coat has cloth bags sewn into the inside of the sleeves in order to keep the Spider-Man suit from falling out. I put on the dress and the high heels, button the messenger bag into the back of the tweed coat and buckle it in place (the coat is the hiding place for the bag and suit apparently haha). I pull out the remote from the messenger bag pocket and then close the tweed coat so that no one can see anything inside of it. I wrap the coat casually over my arm and grab the blue purse, walk to the window, climb onto the rope and press the button to pull myself down to the ground outside of the opera house / hotel. 

I get to the ground outside of the opera house / hotel and put the remote in my purse. I begin to walk off casually into the crowd of thousands of people as I comb my fingers through my hair to get it back to normal looking (I had - not hat hair - but SpiderMan mask hair lol). Phew! OK - hair’s fixed, I’m out of the opera house / hotel and I’m melded back into the crowd of people, although still kind of purposefully wearing SpiderMan colors in order to subliminally remind all of the people around me of the SpiderMan incident haha. 

I’m nervous but calm. I find a group of friends and we gather for a moment to determine a meeting place. I look up at the sky…OMG…it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen - there’s a giant gear in the sky and…ugh…I just can’t even explain it…it’s beautiful and the outdoor area kind of complements it - there’s a waterpark and giant buildings that are laid out in a circle with trees inside the circle and the sky visible from the inside of the circularly structured city. 

The friends disperse and I find myself, once again, alone and on a quest to escape - but this time I’m trying to escape the whole city inconspicuously and find my way - with the crystals - to the next resting destination where I will meet up with the rest of the team. I find a taxi driver (it’s one of my friends outside of this dream haha - but in the dream he doesn’t know who I am - but he keeps looking at me like he might know me and is extra friendly to me). I begin to realize that it’s somewhat weird how I can kind of sense his thoughts in some strange manner all of a sudden. I can’t really read his thoughts like I know what he’s thinking exactly but I’m getting some sort of sense of his thoughts - like I can smell them and see them but I can’t smell them or see them…lol…omg…my spidey senses were tingling XD 

I talk to the taxi driver and ask him if he can take me to this restaurant that’s a little bit out of town. He looks at me suspiciously and I can sense that he has an intuitive understanding that I’m one of the Spidermen haha… He says something about the opera house incident and looks at me like he’s trying to judge how I might respond. I can sense that he’s really happy about the Spidermen incident and would be very excited to be the one who gets to take one of them to their next destination. He’s an ally - but that’s not enough of a reason for me to spill any beans. I pretend like I’m just another average citizen. He seems pretty obviously like he’s able to see right through my facade though - which is simultaneously comforting and frightening. I can tell he really wants to help.

All of a sudden I begin to sense the thoughts of all of the people in the city - somehow they’re all slowly being woven back into the spell of disillusion by the dark side sorcerers. I wasn’t surprised really - I was trying to escape so quickly specifically because the team had all safely assumed that there would only be a brief window of time where the people of the city would be approving of the Spidermen…only a brief opening of their awareness past the spell of disillusion. 

I could sense this spell as it slowly began to weave it’s way back into my friend, the taxi driver. His scepticism of my true identity began to possess not just a lighthearted perspective of wanting to help, but all of a sudden…a desire to report anyone who might be a suspected Spiderman - to the authorities……

This was so hard to watch…I could tell that his lighthearted nature and desire to help were aspects of HIS true identity - and I could sense that this sudden “desire to report anyone who might be a suspected Spiderman” - was an aspect of the sorcerers that they had woven into the members of the city in order to keep them all held captive - captivated by their spell of deceit. I almost cried, not out of worry for myself and the team, but out of the sadness that I felt for this friend of mine and how he represented the whole city…and how I could sense his inner battle against the spell as it wove it’s way into his consciousness. I felt so sorry for him and wanted to help…but I didn’t know what I could do in this moment except escape as quickly as possible in order to find the next resting spot so all of the teammates could come up with another plan for what to do next. 

I sensed the force in my friend, the taxi driver - it was strong - there was still an inner battle for control of his own body occurring! The rest of the city, I could sense, was already brainwashed back into complacency by the spell. I could sense the taxi driver really battling the curse though! I was really proud of him! Those sorcerers were super powerful so I was kind of shocked at my friend’s ability to stand his ground within himself :D 

The curse was so powerful though, that he couldn’t completely take control of his own body. He managed to pin his body to the ground and hold it there as the dark energies tried to get him to stand back up and report me to the authorities. I knelt down beside him to make sure he was ok - he was obviously doing some intense inner battling - but the whole time - he was keeping this brilliant, genuine smile on his face and I could sense that this smile was from his happiness to be awakened and his happiness to be in the presence of one of the Spidermen. He kept smiling and keeping himself laying down on the sidewalk since that’s all he could muster to do in the face of such a powerful curse. I could see little sparkly balls of light that looked like tiny stars begin to float out of my tweed coat and surround the taxi driver as he laid on the sidewalk smiling. I could tell these were from the crystals and that he was protected. We had a momentary psychic conversation and he said he was ok and that I should get out of the city as quickly as possible, not to worry about making a scene if I ran - just to run out quickly and that I would be okay. Then I smiled at him, pet his head, took off my high heels and hauled ass out of the city. 

That’s when I woke up haha


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