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About Quest Journals

Quest Journals are an opportunity for Shifters to share and document their own unfolding spiritual journey as part of the collective shift in consciousness. Personal introspections, visions and intentions, local Shiftivism adventures, community updates, dream journals, personal creations, art, poetry, music, videos, and more. This is a space for us to practice gonzo journalism and creating conscious media.

Together our stories weave a bigger story. 
Go forth and create your own mythos.

Every Monday I sit and meditate on Healing and there comes a feeling to my hands, and tonight I can say it seemed to spread from there to the rest of my body, because i am guided by the force of loving intent, by my own intuition and by the wonderment that is the feeling and sensation and well it comes on stronger as i practise, i've been doing so for several months now, regular as clockwork, every monday evening at 6pm i say my little prayer to attune to the source of divine love, all around us, within us, below and up above, grounded to the earth as we are, connected to the sky, it's by the by an easy thing to do, just try, remembering that there is no way to know whether this will work for you or no, but having a go is the only way you'll find out for yourself, this healing loving energy is a synergy of connection and contemplation, goes from me to individuals, of any nation, across the sea, across the land, from my hands to their aches and pains, whether physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological, it's all just energy to me, with an open mind we can see the truth, that used to lay behind an illusion of falsity, called what we used to think we knew, but i can tell you when you have a go, it will show itself, and you can learn to connect just by imagining and sitting still, tai chi, qi gong, good diet, meditation all will aid you in your quest to learn a new skill and thrill you when it works.

So I decided to write without rhyming and it's become a bit of a habit but hey, Rome wasn't built in a day, oh there i go, anyway back to the story of healing and how it works and how you can do it too.  Start by realising that we are not mere physical matter, dense or as some learned folk might say crude, in any way, no we are luminous beings, at least the best parts of us are and they're the ones we can get in touch with when we do all the trials, like learning who we are, why we are here, asking questions of the universe and seeing what it says in signs and experiences that we happen to, because nothing happens to us at all, we're infinitely and intimately connected to all around us, every one and every thing, and without resorting to rhyming again just yet I'm going to tell you a little secret, it's about make believe, and how we can make what we believe come true, or to put it better, become the interested and playful children we were again, to believe in more and see it not the other way around, practise psychic skills like picking up an object and picking up what it has to tell us about whose it is, where it's been, what it's seen and lots of other knowledge, every thing is spirit, every one is too, that's me and if that's true so are you, we all resonate at different rates unable to predict our fates but tending instead to rationalise our lives until they end but friends, I mean this in such a loving way, get in touch with destiny instead, because of that we each have our part to play and create a story far more lovingly full of juicy details and happy endings, beginnings too, but i have wandered from the path i was walking that i meant to stay on for a little while until i'd gotten healing explained and shared with all of you, so back to being a sensual experiential person.

When you place your hands together, not touching but quite close, see if you feel something, maybe you wish to close your eyes, to get your other senses more well defined and find a little tingle or a little heat, some say it feels like pins and needles, it may take a while and in person with another is a help, whether a friend or a lover, this technique can really charge you both up, for love, for fun, for healing and for energising both parties, but this is just the start, if you are strong and courageous and loving of heart, you will be able to experiment in a healing way to focus and become a channel, to be able to connect to the highest of loving intentions, the source of all creations, the energy of every moment that was, is or will be, and say i will send it through me, to those who need to be free.

Free of pain, free of habits, free of whatever holds them back, holds them down, so that they can fly once more, soar, be the change they wish to see, help the paradigm shift that's underway to really get off the ground, so have a go, see what happens for you, see what you can happen to when you have an open mind and an open heart and love your brothers and sisters all over the world as one.

I began to visualise the person i was working with within my mind, with my eyes closed, so that i could see them, focus on my hands and what i felt, to use them like a 3d MRI scanner to feel up and down the persons energy field, their energy body, their little self in my head, as i worked up and down from head to toe and toe to head, hands behind them and in front and down the sides, feel where there is energy missing, letting my intuition tell me if there was something i could send them a little energy to heal, waiting while the area that was missing was filled up with the excess flowing from me, because we become a fountain of youth, a living example of the love that lasts and never dies when we work with source energy, it fills us up and flows out from our crown, it connects us to the earth and to the sky, and when we are working, it's flowing naturally from both of those, meeting at each of our chakras, but especially in our hearts, flowing to our hands, filling up our palms so that we can then send it to whoever we wish to aid in their own healing, they heal them, we heal ourselves, and in turn we become a beacon of hope out into the world, shining brightly with this pure divine love.  Like redecorating a beautiful place i let the energy fill up those gaps, to coat them in this pure loving white light earth energy with golden speckles of divine bliss within it and help them to heal.

There is no difference between being right next to someone and as far as the other side of the planet away, send your friends a message in your mind and see if they call you, reconnect with the idea that when this all started, everything in the universe was right next to each other, and we are still connected in this way now, utterly lovingly part of each other in the best way, start loving all today.

We need more healers of every kind in this world and it is my intention to share this gift and the idea that anyone can do this, we are all givers when given the chance and circumstance to find our true calling, to coincidentally and transcendentally come together to make a difference in this time space reality, to wake up in the dream, to beam this loving intention right around the world and save it.


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Healer Helper Hoping to See Something Special and Wishing Wonderful Wellness for All Awakening Adventurers by Listening Learning Loving

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