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Quest Journals are an opportunity for Shifters to share and document their own unfolding spiritual journey as part of the collective shift in consciousness. Personal introspections, visions and intentions, local Shiftivism adventures, community updates, dream journals, personal creations, art, poetry, music, videos, and more. This is a space for us to practice gonzo journalism and creating conscious media.

Together our stories weave a bigger story. 
Go forth and create your own mythos.

Community Admin

Aloha fellow Shifters, 

This is a Quest Journal to document a recent successful Free Hugs Shiftivism Mission that I did at the local University Campus to help connect with more people, have conscious conversations, give out Shift Buttons, hack the matrix, awaken others within the dream, connect them to the Paradigm Shift Central project, and promote open-mindedness and compassion.  This report log will detail information about why I did free hugs at campus, the modified free hugs tactics I used, why I used these specific tactics, and the results and outcome of them. Included at the end of this post is the post action video I made, but this write up gets into additional details of the mission. 

In the past I have done Free Hugs on the campus a few times. This is a campus that is near my house and it is the university that I graduated from for Media Theory and Production. As an Alumni it is really cool to be able to go back there and connect with students who may be just beginning their post secondary school. I know from first hand experience that the university never really taught too much about metaphysics, spirituality, lucid dreaming, dimensions, etc etc. Therefor being able to do Shiftivism on the campus is a great way to plant some potent seeds for the students to be able to share with them an invitation into the ever infinite and exciting realms of education and experience that these topics have to offer. And of course, to also be able to invite them to the regular local Paradigm Shift London community open-minded discussion and meditation meet ups that we have too.

At the time that I did these Free Hugs it was during the conclusion of orientation week - so basically this meant that the majority of the traffic were first year students and second, third year sophs who are basically kind of like camp counsellors during the orientation week. The energy is pretty pumping and there's a decent amount of traffic. So again, being able to do it within this limited time window enabled some potent synchronicities for those who I connected with. 

Now in this scenario, I find that it works best when I use a modified Free Hugs tactics. If I was doing Free Hugs downtown for example, then the normal tactic would be to stand in one place with a sign and then people would naturally come up to me. Although in this scenario I choose to modify - instead of standing with a sign what I do is I sit down in one spot on some steps in a moderately not too busy area with key traffic and then I have my Free Hugs sign propped up next to me while I simultaneously work on making crystal wire wraps. I place a folder infront of me and on it I place some of the Shift Buttons and the wraps that I am making. I also wear my Shift Button satchel and attach buttons across the front strap. This way instead of standing there with a sign it is much more passive - yet equally as effective - AND the key thing is that since I am sitting down by default and things are on the ground, once I hug people and tell them they can have a free magic button it is common for me to sit back down and then in turn it invites them to sit down swell if they wish to hangout for awhile and engage in conversation - something that happened numerous times with people who I met. After the hug it would spark a conversation as they ask what this is about and commonly they would stick around and we would have a micro paradigm shift meeting basically where we talk about metaphysics and lucid dreaming and such. This tactic is very passive, very casual, artistically oriented, and very very effect. 

The additional reason as to why I choose to do this tactics of Free Hugs oppose to the standing version is because I have done the standing version before on campus and I have learned from experience that in this situation part of your job is also to simultaneously not attract the attention of any near by security who may be passing by. You are far more likely to raise eye brows and attract suspicion and questioning if you are standing with a Free Hugs sign. In the past I have had security come up to me and tell me that I would need special permission to do that because technically if I am holding the sign then it is a form of soliciting. Plus if they know I am giving out buttons then it gives them more to be suspicious about, etc etc. There for - as a Shifter, part of my learning curve in this scenario is the required adaptation of ninja tactics. The goal is to still do free hugs, connect with people, plant seeds, and not attract the attention of security. Needless to say when I did it this time it was perfectly successful. Another key part of the tactic is in where I choose to position myself. What I do is I will angle my sign towards a 180 degree view range infront of me instead of something like a 270 range. This way I only have to focus on people seeing the sign who are coming at me from one angle - the same angle that I can see security coming from at a distance. And if I do see security I simply turn my sign up side down until they are out of the area. This way without the free hugs sign I am literally just a person sitting on steps making crystal wraps. Nothing that would cause them to get suspicious about. Again - with security - it is their job to be suspicious. They are not the enemy - they are just another version of Agent Smith - a inherent part of the job. It is our job to learn how to adapt and overcome them - which is very very possible. Ninja Shifter Tactics for the win. 

(My line of sight while sitting on the steps - notice how I strategically position myself on a corner and in a place where there is no traffic behind me.)

So within this Shiftiivsm mission I had about 33 Shift Buttons on me and committed to staying there until I gave all of them out. In total I was in that spot for about 90minutes give or take. This format of setting the intention for the universe helps bring things into action. With the tactics that I do I am more than just sitting there hoping it will work - i am sitting there KNOWING it will work and then just being patient and allowing the synchronicity to occur in which those who are meant to see me will see me. And of course the whole format of it is that those who are open to coming up and giving me a Free Hugs are the same people who are very likely to also be open towards the topics of what Paradigm Shift is about. So naturally, as mentioned - part of what would happen is that people would stick around and talk to me for awhile. They would ask why I am doing this. I would tell them "To help change the world one hug at a time." I would also tell them about the website on the button, and how it has movies I have made that they can check out, and podcasts, and lots of interactive community stuff about metaphysics, spirituality, dreaming etc. Being able to sit down and talk with people is such a key thing. Because right then in there you are creating a space for them to practice expressing themselves, and to engage in discussion on this topics - something that for many of them as been completely absent within their lives. Yet at the same time - many of them ARE interested in the topics. And being early into their university career they are often just beginning to explore further down the rabbit whole. Some of them would tell me about their experiences with dreaming. One girl told me about how her parents are Reiki masters and how what I was saying was stuff she had grown up around. 

Having the Shift Buttons in themselves as a gift to give people is such a potent part of the tactics. It leaves an impression with them in the moment and also sparks excitement. Plus all of the Shift Buttons in themselves are jump points for conversation. Many people would ask what they mean - so in turn we would talk a bit about sacred geometry, or mutations cube, or the eye of ra, or the hidden knowledge of the universe, etc etc.  Even having the crystal wraps there was also for the purpose of conversation too. Many people would ask and comment about them - thus starting another conversation about crystals, and beyond. 

My own actions are just another origin point for more ripples to occur. Simply by interacting with me doing free hugs it could very easily help inspire each of those people to do free hugs aswell someday. In fact, there were a couple of the sophs who sat down to talk to me who I gave some free hugs signs to so they could take with them and use aswell. The free hugs that I did in one day ripples into more free hugs for others another day. 

Part of my role doing this is to also play that of a mentor in some ways (kind of like a soph) and to help share with them some potent ideas and encourage them to keep exploring on their own knowing that this project and community is real and they are supported in doing so. And of course, through the many layers and intentions of the project the core of it is bringing it back to helping remind people of their potential within this reality. Self empowerment and encouraging people to choose to be the change they wish to see and help us become better dreamers within the team. 

So in conclusion, this Shiftiism Mission was another success. Many seeds were planted and new time lines were created. The people who I connected with were the people I was meant to connect with. Down the road I am sure I will see them again. Sometimes you never fully know how far that one action will go - which is all the more reason to do it. Because in all reality, someone who I connected with may go watch the Journey to Lucidity movies, listen to a Dream Class podcast, do a Global Meditation that we do… and then from there… suddenly reality begins to transform for them. The paradigms continue to shift…. This is the hack we have created. And it is working...

As always I invite and encourage others to replicate these types of potent tactics where they are aswell, and to practice documenting it too. Be a portal for synchronicity and consciousness to flow through. Simply by putting yourself out there - you will find the others. Build the tribe. Be the portal. Be the opportunity. Be the shift.

You are consciousness awakening in action. 

Here is the video summarizing the mission. 

Keep it Shifty. 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon


To get Shift Buttons to use where you are you can sign up for the team patreon for the asking amount of just 3-5 a month to support the project at Thank you! 

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Neo-gonzo Journalist of the Future. Director / Team Captain for Paradigm Shift Central.
A shadow in the dark, a voice in the void, a ripple, a wave, a moment...


  • Awesomeness right there. To shift or not to shift that is the question ? only the wise will look within and say.......fuck yeah let's do it !!! Skull Babylon I hear by award you the title of shiftiest shifter of the week. No one can shift paradigms like you can. Keep up the great work captain. 

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