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(Dunnellon, Florida)

Well, it was unique. No one showed up, save myself and my house mate. That certainly will not dismay me from moving forward. In fact, I experienced it as perfect, but then that's just how I roll, even if it takes me sometimes a bit to allow that perception.

I didn't expect a big turn out, but a few people in the neighborhood did show interest and joined the Facebook Group I created and planned to attend. It sure was an interesting and curious week of stirred energies, chaos, and upheaval in my neighborhood, expressed both in social media and in the monthly neighborhood advisory meeting, which I felt inspired to go. It was my first time attending that. And I sense that was some how energetically related. Nevertheless, I focused and forged on ahead to have our first community meeting.

We also had a beautiful, clear skies and unusually warm and sunny week leading through Saturday. Well, right up until the day of Shift meetup on Sunday. Haha, have to laugh. It was very cloudy and windy all day with a forecast for a severe storm. And it had the feel of the Wizard of Ozness, and that something was brewing up!  I kept checking within to feel if I felt guided to cancel it, and I didn't. So I didn't. I even posted the event,"Rain or Shine." And, I had said that I'd hang my Smiley Face PLaY FLaGs up in the pavilion at the park that we were to meet up at. Well, when we got there I wasn't so sure of that either. It was quite blustery (reminds me of Winnie the Pooh). But, by then I was totally free of all expectations and resolved, allowed, that what was to be would be.

And what was was great fun! First thing we noticed walking into the park was that some one had left one of those small Razor scooters. I've always wanted to ride one of them. And we did! The park was perfect for such a thing, as it has a wonderful smooth paved walk way that has a gradual decline and some awesome curves! That was fun. Then, we also found some Play Dough in under the Pavilion. Two colors, orange and a small amount of pink. I
made a smiley face. Go figure, haha. Then, well we had about a two minute spiritual-type focused chat, but then that just didn't seem to fit the vibe. We do that naturally, spontaneously at home anyways, lol. We were at the park and the energy of the wind facilitated, activated are own silliness and playfulness. We hung up those flags, and when no one showed, we played. Swings, and imaginary basketball on the court, and I did cartwheels, a few exercises, then remained on my back on the court and enjoyed the show in the sky. I even played with moving the clouds with my energy and hands. And when we felt like it was time to wrap this up, my house mate said he thought it was gonna pour. We took down the flags, grabbed our stuff and pour it did! When we got home my son informed me that there was a tornado warning out in our area! haha. It was a Wizard of Oz, feel to the whole day. Anyways, onward! Next week, same time, same place. :) I'll be there.

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  • Hi Vera "Ariana" Le Doux, Facebook friend, as well! I visited your FB Page I think it was yesterday and "Liked" it! Go team! <3 :D
    And then afterwards, I noticed you are here in the group, too.
    And here you are first to comment,
    Synchronous living is spectacular, haha love it, never gets old. Anyways,

    Yeah the Facebook Group is a Closed Group, primarily for my neighbors,
    BUT any one here is also welcome to join it.
    Even if it's just to support and / or to post their stuff, and / or to check it out for ideas, and then stay or leave, whatever is your flow.
    Thank you for asking. Here is the link:  Paradigm Shift, Rainbow Lakes Estates

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