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About Quest Journals

Quest Journals are an opportunity for Shifters to share and document their own unfolding spiritual journey as part of the collective shift in consciousness. Personal introspections, visions and intentions, local Shiftivism adventures, community updates, dream journals, personal creations, art, poetry, music, videos, and more. This is a space for us to practice gonzo journalism and creating conscious media.

Together our stories weave a bigger story. 
Go forth and create your own mythos.

Goood morning my fellow Shifters!

I hope everyone had a wonderful night last night, and I hope you're having a better today! Last night was a pretty great night for me. My girlfriend spent the night with me, which isn't anything new. But she's been working a whole lot so I haven't seen her in a few days. Needless to say, I missed her because I love her very much. So it was a pretty damn good night, while I was awake.We went to sleep pretty late, up watching scary movies and listening to Creepy Pastas on youtube. It's getting to be near Halloween and it's our favorite time of the year. So I went to sleep with scary stories in my ear about monsters and ghosts, not something most people like to fall asleep to. It definitely effected my dreams!I dreamed that my lady and I were at a cabin together. We sat outside on the back porch watching nature, as we tend to do anyway. I looked down and saw a squirrel heading toward me. It didn't look very happy. In fact, it came up to me pretty quickly and as I put my hand out to greet it, it started to bite my fingers.My first thought in the dream was "this animal has rabies!" And I kind of started to freak out a little bit. But still, for some reason I proceeded to pick up the squirrel. It was biting profusely as I picked it up. Gnawing on my neck and arms. My girlfriend was next to me screaming at me. Telling me to drop the animal, but I didn't. I thought "maybe the little guy is just scared".

So I changed my demenor. Instead of holding it like a wild animal, I started to hold it closer to my chest, like something I've loved for a long time. I started to pet it and speak very gentle and soft to the squirrel. Its attitude immediately changed. It went from this feral creature, to something like a house cat. It started snuggling closer for love, as if it had never felt a warm embrace before.I woke up not long after that and pondered what the dream meant. I've been dealing with a lot of stressful situations in my life recently. Not bad situations, just stressful and scary. I've been toying with the idea of going back to school, my lady and I are getting a place together soon, I've been working on producing my own comedy shows here in town. Which can all be scary by themselves. I've been concerned about people not showing up to my shows, which I've put a lot of time and money into producing. It's also coming up on the anniversary of the passing of my mother. So around this time of year, I always get a little sad and scared.

But I realized, it's all about how you see and treat the situations! I first looked at the squirrel like a wild animal. Full of disease and germs. When I saw it like that, it attacked me and tried to bite me. But when I saw it in a different light. When I saw it as a creature that was just scared and needed love, its demenor changed completely! I can relate that to all situations in life. If I look at something with fear, that's what I will feel. Thay certain something may attack me because it feels the fear I'm putting off. Many things that seem threatening in the dark, become welcoming when we shine light on them!I've always believed that dreams mean something. It's our subconscious telling us something through symbolism. It's testing us, seeing how we handle certain situations. It's like a beta test of things to come, or even things that are already happening. No doubt I've been a little stressed. Worried about this and that. But worrying gets me nowhere, it only hurts myself. I believe that is what the squirrel was trying to show me. Instead of being fearful towards situations, I should embrace them and take them in stride. Look at the good side and treat it with compassion. I've always been really good at taking things in stride. But when you're spinning a lot of plates, sometimes you're afraid you might drop one. But you can't focus on what MIGHT happen.

The important thing is to focus on what IS happening.Meaning of the squirrel: When a squirrel enters your dreams, it's either a sign to have more fun in your life. Or, it's a sign that you need to plan better for things to come. I feel like I have a lot of fun in my lifellow anyway, but putting together this show has definitely felt like work. But it's no surprise that I need to start planning better for things because I am TERRIBLE at planning haha! I just normally go with the flow.
I hope personally my reflection of the dream taught everybody a little something something!

Until next time....I love you all!

-John O'Neill

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