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Quest Journals

About Quest Journals

Quest Journals are an opportunity for Shifters to share and document their own unfolding spiritual journey as part of the collective shift in consciousness. Personal introspections, visions and intentions, local Shiftivism adventures, community updates, dream journals, personal creations, art, poetry, music, videos, and more. This is a space for us to practice gonzo journalism and creating conscious media.

Together our stories weave a bigger story. 
Go forth and create your own mythos.

Hello again, Dear Self...

Sweet! We are live, let the gonzo journalism begin! (R.I.P. Hunter S. Thompson)

Well where to start? This summer has been quite the journey so far. I'm going to begin the time frame in early May, when I decided to pack up two bags and leave home not knowing where that would lead me. I was living in West Trenton, the capital of stinky old New Jersey. Living the life of a river rat right on the Delaware River, enjoying the views of nature yet not enjoying the company surrounding the city. I had the yearning to find more spiritual people, the ones who think along the same lines as I do. Researching sacred geometry, astral projection, ancient knowledge, and modern mysteries. But back to where I left off, it was right after the fourth of May. A very special day in the galaxy, since the force resides within all of us. It was that day when I started looking on to find a community or ecovillage that would give me a new hope. But the search was falling through since nothing seemed to manifest. 

I packed up my book bag with my favorite Drunvalo Melchizedek books and my Modern Mystery School Empower Thyself manual, as well as a burton bag with enough clothes to last a week or so with out hitting the laundromat. I had no where to go so I decided to hit up my Ragnorak tribe leaders. The people who helped put underground electronic shows together. The male, Kakashi, told me he would give me a mat to sleep on in the living room as long as I helped his construction company, Southpaw Solutions, finish up a remodel they were working on. The location of his house was just south of the Philadelphia Airport in Chester, PA. I stayed with them for about two weeks until I felt uncomfortable to the point where moving to the next town was crucial. I had been robbed twice and the second time was at gun point. That was the final straw. I had lived in North Philadelphia's ghetto during college while attending Temple University but this was in a whole different ball park. 

Luckily I remembered I had an old friend from school living ten minutes outside of Chester in Aston, PA. My dear friend, Janko, had a college house there since he attended the local University. Yadda yadda yadda I stayed there and worked at the local bar as a cook for about two months. But then an opportunity popped up that seemed like a life changer. And old, yet crazy, friend of mine offered to fly me out to Colorado to find a spiritual community either in Colorado or we would move to Hawaii. So naturally I skipped work that night, boarded a plane with barely enough time to make the flight and before I knew it I was in Colorado. This was the third move within one season and boy I was enjoying that style of living. Not knowing where tomorrow would lead and who I would come in contact with. 

Everything was going swimmingly the first day as I arrived in Denver, the people were full of energy and it felt like I was in the right place. The only catch was the people we were staying with only expected us to be with them for that night. So thank the universe I remembered that I had a skateboarding friend from Jersey living in George Town just an hour outside of Denver. We knew Denver wasn't for us since the city life was something I was all to familiar with and wanted to escape into nature. George Town was it! Nestled right in a valley tucked neatly between the mountains. It was tremendously beautiful, so much wildlife and the view of the stars at night left me speechless. My "crazy" friend started to present problems however, so it was onto the next spot. We stayed in G-Town for a couple days but found an opening on for a horse person wanted in Washington State. And these weren't just normal horses, they were Native American Medicine Horses, sacred ones to be exact. "Thunder Beings" most would know them by, and they were sent down from the heavens to help assist us bring the fifth world into being.

My heart wanted to stay in Colorado but my soul knew that this was part of the Divine Plan, and after speaking with "Amala" I knew this was something I was suppose to do. With or without my "crazy" friend. But anyhow we both hopped on a greyhound bus and headed to Washington State, where the Medicine Horse Ranch is located. Upon arrival we met Amala Joy, a yogini, and her husband Tony, Native American Chief Stands with Sun. Amala being the sun :). Everything was going great until my "crazy" friend started acting wild. Amala, a divine being, knew right away that she must have been possessed by at least three different evil spirits who all seemed to want me. They would literally bully me and just try to feed off my energy. I can't get into too much detail but when the time is right I will go into this. I'm trying to stay on a positive note here, so I will continue gently. As her situation grew worse they knew she wasn't healthy for the community, the night before she was kicked off they had to have me locked down in a separate location just so she wouldn't do something to me in my sleep. 

The following morning they acted as if both of us were being kicked out of the holy camp, so we both headed into town. And were dropped off at the bus station they picked us up from, however, the plan was for me to stay. So when the moment presented it self I literally booked it out of the bus station while she was entering the elevator and I made it to a local cafe where I used a strangers phone to call the man who dropped us off and devised the plan. My phone was stolen by this "crazy" friend of mine as well as other belongings and she refused to give them back. Thinking that since she had these things of mine I would need to stay with her. That's where she was wrong, this materialistic life started to mean nothing to me, and if I had to choose between my iPhone and other belongings or divine healing and a camp where we would help the world. I chose the later, obviously, yet not everyone would have. I did what I had to do, either stay with her and be abused and spiritually murdered or start a fresh life off grid preparing for this shift in the world.

So here I am, at the safe house. On the ranch is the bare essentials, fresh clean water, organically grown food all in the desert. That's the tricky part about it. WE ARE IN THE DESERT. It's been over 100 degrees everyday, something I'm not used to living, yet working in. We are starting from the bottom up. The community is growing, and we are about to start working on a Tesla Earth Generator so we can have wifi on the land (250 acres), as well as AC in the campers, and no worrying about an electric bill. I believe that will truly get the wheels turning, and we are starting to build houses using strawcrete which I believe will be the future of development. There are so many things I can get into but first I need to just introduce my situation, and introduce my self. 

My name is Justin Wagner, you can find me on facebook as Marcus Naacal. Marcus being my confirmation name and Naacal being the old priesthood of Lemuria/Atlantis. The thing that blew my mind was that the second day I was on the land Thoth showed up and spoke with the divine woman there, Amala. Since she is from the angelic realm and holds the most spiritual experience, he had to present him self to her first to ask permission to be on the land. Apparently he was there to see me but when she asked if he would work harmoniously or inharmonious with the community he answered the later and she kindly asked him to leave. What was his purpose in arriving? And will I ever meet him?

Well I'm pretty spent from all this typing, and last time I put this much time into this it didn't even work. So hopefully it does!

Many blessings to those who had decided to check this post out. I will make sure to keep writing whenever I visit the safe house and hopefully we will get the Tesla Generator up and running soon so I can post videos and photos of the land.



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