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So - I recently went over to the other night because Brendon started a Minds account and it seemed like an interesting thing to learn about:

I was blown away when I first opened the website and saw the spinning globe. It automatically triggered a memory of a dream I had back in 2012: 

I awoke in the dream to see myself looking down at my hands and then looking up at some sort of 3D projection of a spinning globe that was in front of me. It looked exactly like the spinning globe on Minds except the one in this dream was all light blue and white. It was spinning and everything!

I look around and see other people around me. We seem to be in some kind of group - there are maybe 30 of us. We're in a grocery store and we're all looking around for items very quickly. I become lucid in the dream and pull aside one of the people in our group. I tell him I've just now become somewhat lucid and ask him if he could update me on what we're doing in this grocery store and what this group of people is. And he says that we've all spawned together in this grocery store to find items together. We have a time limit - it's kind of reminding me of when someone is in a game show type thing and they're in a grocery store and they have a challenge - they have a time limit and they have to pick out what they want in the store but make sure it's under the price limit they have - and whoever has the total that amounts closest to the price limit but not over it, they get to keep what they get. That's just the vibe I had - like we were all running but not in a scared way - more in a way like it was a challenge in a game. 

The timer goes off - I pull out my paper and pen (since I always have it with me just in case - even in dreams apparently lol) - and I write down my facebook name and I tell this person to see if he can find me on Facebook when we're outside of the dream. I noted that he had dark curly hair. I rarely got friend requests on Facebook from people I didn't know at that point in time so I knew if I got a friend request from someone who looked like this person then it could very likely be him.

We all run back to the spinning globe. I see people touching glowing spots on the globe and then getting sucked into it. I ask my new friend what I'm supposed to do. He tells me the globe has lights on each part of the globe that show where we are all coming from - like where the other part of the portal is. When we touch the glowing spot on the globe that's the spot where we live, we go back and wake up.

I wait for the globe to spin around to TX and I touch it and get sucked in. Then I wake up and I'm baffled at how vivid that dream was and how lucid I was. I try to remember what my dream friend looked like but all I could remember was dark curly hair. 

I'm on Facebook off and on that day and what do you know I get a friend request from someone I don't know who has dark curly hair...... I accepted immediately and sent him a message telling him about the dream I had had the night before. He was amazed and told me he had been dream walking that night... Then I later synchronistically bumped into him when I was visiting Asheville, NC and actually spent some time with him in person when I was out there.

And so, the journey continues...


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