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Last night in the astral I met up with an old friend. <3 
Pheonyx we love you. Hear his message in the video below. 

Who is Pheonyx? Watch the tribute video I made for him following his transition in 2013.

He is also featured on a few Paradigm Shift Radio episodes as well as the Journey to Rockmont: Three Days of Light movie. 
A great teacher. A friend. A fellow soul. 

The Three Days of Light movie in which I had the honour of connecting with him in person. 


Thank you. 
I am love with you. 



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A shadow in the dark, a voice in the void, a ripple, a wave, a moment...


  • I have made alot of video dream logs over the years. 
    You can check them out on my channel here

  • Here is a specific previous video dream log in which I had another interaction with Pheonyx back in 2013. 

  • BRENDON. I am so blown away right now. You knew Pheonyx?? I met Pheonyx while I was living in Asheville, NC and he was simply the most gentle, loving soul I'd ever met. I was with him on multiple occasions, but one in particular is very special to me: We were sitting in someone's home (which soon would be turned into something called The Sacred Embodiment Center)and Pheonyx had us sit in a circle. My ex fiance and I were visiting our new friend Jordan Duchnycz(the creator of spirit science..which is super awesome), and he is the one who had introduced us to this beautiful man. So we're sitting in a circle, and Pheonyx starts us in this musical frenzy, each person one by one joining in playing some sort of instrument or singing... I was just humming. I'm very shy, and Pheonyx immediately realized this. He started gently encouraging me to use my voice and sing by singing sweet little silly things at me like "you have a lovely voice" and "you're safe here to share", and as he gently prodded me I felt myself filled with confidence and I started to sing along with everyone.

    The experience was so special to me that when we were done, I decided to give Pheonyx one of my most special possessions at the time. It was a lapis lazuli that had been gifted to me by a dear friend who was fortunate enough to be living in a house where Max the 13th crystal skull was hosted for people to come see. He had the rare opportunity to spend an entire night by himself with Max, and he charged up all his crystals with him all night as he slept. That lapis lazuli was charged for an entire night with Max the 13th crystal skull. It was VERY special to me, and very difficult to give away. But I felt compelled. I felt honored to be capable of giving this incredible human that called himself Pheonyx such a precious gift. 

    It's so unbelievably synchronistic that I stumbled upon you talking about him, because I've been thinking about him a lot lately. I'm good friends with the person who's house Max had visited, and she contacted me recently and asked me if I would like to visit her for a few days in April to help her host Max again. She said that I can spend a whole night with Max just like my friend had. I know that Pheonyx had something to do with the planning of this! haha even from the other side he's pulling strings and repaying me tenfold for my gift to him.

    anyways, sorry for the long comment lol but I just had to tell you this whole story once I saw this!

  • just came back to this to start watching the videos, and I've watched the dream log/message from Pheonyx on so far and omfg I'm crying. I didn't even know when I was writing my story out in the previous comment that in your video you talked about him saying to you the words "love and courage". That experience with him was all about him helping me have courage<3 <3

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