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Quest Journals are an opportunity for Shifters to share and document their own unfolding spiritual journey as part of the collective shift in consciousness. Personal introspections, visions and intentions, local Shiftivism adventures, community updates, dream journals, personal creations, art, poetry, music, videos, and more. This is a space for us to practice gonzo journalism and creating conscious media.

Together our stories weave a bigger story. 
Go forth and create your own mythos.

See within your mind the shape of your own outline, this body is a silhouette that quite correctly directs the rest, because your energy body is your real one, the other is an illusion, a physical shape that feels very real, it has bits and bobs and touches things that feel solid but also aren't, so with your eyes that only see the illusory reality closed, imagine within your minds eye a bodily being.  This body in your mind, and don't forget that your body is also your mind, every part of you is mind, and a matter for discussion but not matter in the sense that we were told in science 101 oh no, so low a vibration, no we are the energy of everything in fact, and what is wrong with us, in a physical sense is really just an energetic issue, of the past, of the present, but not of the future, not no more if we don't let it be, if we imagine ourselves in perfect health, this energy body is the perfect blueprint, and absolutely connected to our physicality and not only that but creating perfect health is as easy as communicating from both directions of this connected system, so we give the physical body all the right things to be in perfect working order, and we work with the energy body to ensure that it is clean and clear of any little imperfections too, but how to begin, what do we do? 

So you are there, sitting, or laying down comfortably, breathing slow and deep which makes us calm in any situation imagining the energy body in your mind, this helps you to connect to it, and being a childlike person we can all do this sort of thing, bring our beautiful imagination into play, the next thing to do, is to see this outline, dare i say it a white chalk drawn shape, within is mostly darkness at first, maybe for you it's more like grey but let's pretend it's black and white today, and see a pure white milky healing energy raining down, just like standing in the rain on earth, we let it soak into every pore and cell and well this is the start of feeling better and better each day, let it soak in, let it fill you up slowly from your feet, rising up it's like you've become a bottle and the substance whilst looking milky is energy, see it rising with anything left inside as a skin on top, it's coming up past your ankles, to your knees, and becoming so white down below, each new rain shower from above creates a thicker and thicker coat of energy, and the colour of it at your feet is just the most beautiful deep pure white, it's coming up to your thighs, it's rising further with every second as you feel it filling you and as you do this more and more, from one day to the next, just before bed is best, but whenever you wanna do it i'm sure it will work well for you then, feel it meeting your middle, waist, hips, belly, belly button, ribs, chest, arms, neck, head, reaching finally to the crown and like a whale it spurts out.

This energy has come from the earth and it has brought all sorts of gunky stuff with it from your depths too, so let it wash this stuff out and over you and the energy that rains cleanses that also, so keep going, i know it can be a little hard to see this at first, or maybe you see all sorts of things, like colours, of the rainbow, but whatever you do is fine, that is your technique, this was mine... Love


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Healer Helper Hoping to See Something Special and Wishing Wonderful Wellness for All Awakening Adventurers by Listening Learning Loving

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