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Hosted and Produced by Brendon Culliton aka Skull Babylon

Paradigm Shift Radio first began in 2012 as ongoing live broadcasts. Over the years there have been many guests and topics. In the recent evolution of the project and new technologies available, Paradigm Shift Radio shifted its traditional format and consistency in place of the new ongoing team broadcasts such as the Team Building Hangouts, Dream Class, Destiny School and Admin Meetings, Currently though there are still new episodes for Global Full Moon Story Meditations that still broadcast using the traditional format. Future episodes will still exist down the road, but in the mean time please enjoy checking out the thousands of hours of archived content available from the years past.


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Past Episodes

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Recognized PSR Guests

Many recognized guests have appeared on the show, such as:
 Teal ScottFree SpiritTaylor MarieEA KoettingJordan Pearce of Spirit Science + Nathaniel/ThothCharles GilchristPheonyx Roldan Smith,Erin Northcott and the production crew of the movie Be BraveKellee MaizeNathaniel SolaceLittle PandaTarek BibiThe production crew of The Bloom SeriesKurt HardestySteve BancarzTaylor Marie + Nic GabrielNathaniel Solace + Atlantis KingJamaica StevensJake DuceyOliver HockenhullBrendon's DadKapwon ArtistAlister Valadez, Ralph Smart, Tim 'Livewire' Shieff, Laura Eisenhower, Gianna and Genevieve Lightworker, The Teafaerie, Mark Nesbitt & Dave Gibb, Rak Razam, Kurt Hardesty, Phil Osophical & Preston Smiles, Jordan Lavigne, Joyous Presence, Justin Hippie Jedi, Kate of Gaia, Chad Foreman, Scott Lite, Tarek Bibi, Paradox Pollack , Matthew Silver 'Professional Wackadoodle', Tomas Peisel, Truth Seekah, Master Calum Turnbull (part 2)

Past Episodes
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Ep01- Lucid Dreaming <mp3>
Ep02- Ayahuasca, Quantum Entanglement, Meditation- tips, Cultivating Male Sexual Energy
Ep03 - Teal Scott- Spiritual Catalyst  <mp3>
Ep04 - Guest: Free Spirit- Ascension Teacher   <mp3>
Ep05 - Community Oriented Episode  <mp3>
Ep06 - UFOs / Olympics <mp3>
Ep07 - Synchronicity / Meditation <mp3>
Ep08 - Love, Chaos, & Unfoldment <mp3>
Ep09 - If I Should Fall, Chakras, Mantras, & 'Indigo Children' <mp3>
Ep10 - Drum Circles, Half-Truths, Entity Contacts, & Astral Projection <mp3>
Ep11 - Full Blue Moon Project, PS Netherlands, Ayahuasca Retreats <mp3>
Ep12 - EA Koetting: Practical Magick, Summoning Entities, Soul Travel <mp3>
Ep13 - Jordan David- Spirit Science, & Elijah- "The Fourthborn Thoth" <mp3>
Ep14 - 'Plant a Seed' Project, Crop Circles, Crystals, + More <mp3>
Ep15 - Psychedelics & Perception <mp3>
Ep16 - Sacred Geometry. w Charles Gilchrist & Julian Forest <mp3>
Ep17 - Three Days of Light Festival w Scott Love + More <mp3>
Ep18 - Schizophrenia, Interdimensionality, and Consciousness <mp3>
Ep19 - Quasi-Dimensional Entities + 3DL Hype <mp3>
Ep20 - LIVE at Three Days of Light <no mp3>
Ep21 - Post 3DL, Orbs, Elijah, and More <mp3>
Ep22 - Astral Projection, Being a 'Warrior', Thoth's Message <mp3>
Ep23 - Flash Mob Meditation, Dimensional Shifts, Psychic Discernment,+ Elijah <mp3>
Ep24 - Perseverance, Discipline, Awakening. Ft Michelle Infinity <mp3>
Ep25 - The Shift in Israel, 2012 Theories, Heart Alignment <mp3>
Ep26 - Pheonyx Roldan Smith, Merkaba, Pain, Choices, Prayer + More <mp3>
Ep27 - Post Dec 21st, Community Outreach, The Cosmic 432hz <mp3>
Ep28 - 'Spiritual Joint Task Force' <mp3>
Ep29 - Chakras, 'Demonology', Manifesting Reality. W Michael Brazell <mp3>
Ep30 - Dream Exploration, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection <mp3>
Ep31 - Science, Consciousness, and Our Future. w David Yurth <mp3>
Ep32 - 'Be Brave' The Movie w Erin Northcott. Life, Death, & Unity <mp3>
Ep33 - Kellee Maize - Conscious Female Rapper. Bohemian Spiritual Rap <mp3>
Ep34 - Nathaniel Solace - Global Transformation via Self-Realization <mp3>
Ep35 - UFOs, Salvia Experiences, Aliens, Lucid Dreams, Walk Ins <mp3>
Ep36 - Hidden Meanings, Beyond the Veil, Ley Lines, and More <mp3>
Ep37 - Lucidity Festival, Little Panda, Synchronicity <mp3>
Ep38 - w Tarek Bibi- Conscious Hip Hop Artist: Facilitating Spiritual Growth <mp3>
Ep39 - 'The Bloom' Series: A Journey Through Transformational Festivals <mp3>
Ep40 - Intrinsic Health, Psychic Abilities, Spoon Bending, Wizards, and More! <mp3>
Ep41 - Spirit Science and Metaphysics, Utopia or Oblivion, + Floetry <mp3>
Ep42 - Ayahuasca. w Nic Gabriel & Taylor Marie <mp3>
Ep43 - Nathaniel Solace and Atlantis King - Align Your Life <mp3>
Ep44 - Second Life, Human Initiated Contact, Sightings, and More <mp3>
Ep45 - STAR WARS and Consciousness <mp3>
Ep46 - Awakening Our Potential. w Jamaica Stevens <mp3>
Ep47 - Community Round Table. Reincarnation and More <mp3>
Ep48 - Monsanto March & Spacelite Health Formula w 604joe <mp3>
Ep49 - Into the Wind w Author Jake Ducey <mp3>
Ep50 - Understanding Psychedelic Medicines w Oliver Hockenhull <mp3>
Ep51 - Superman - A Symbol of Hope. Father's Day Special <mp3>
Ep52 - Spirituality, Hip Hop, and Our Awakening. w Kapwon Artist <mp3>
Ep53 - One Year Anniversary Celebration Episode! <mp3>
Ep54 - Year One Topic Retrospection. P2 <mp3>
Ep55 - What are you eating? Go vegetarian? <mp3>
Ep56 - Brendon's Updates + Roundtable <mp3>
Ep57 - Awareness of Awareness <mp3>
Ep58 - Divine Moments of Truth (DMT) w Alistar Valadez <mp3>
Ep59 - A List of Things to Know + Spoon Bending Meditation <mp3>
Ep60 - A List of Things to Know P2 - Meditation and More <mp3>
Ep61 - Activating Your Infinite Potential w Ralph Smart <mp3> 
Ep62 - Questioning Within w Tim 'Livewire' Shieff, Pro Freerunner/Vegan <mp3>
Ep63 - Hidden Agendas and Hacking the Matrix w Laura Eisenhower <mp3> 
Ep64 - Global Shiftivism and World Peace. Unity Roundtable <mp3>
Ep65 - Becoming More Psychic w Gianna and Genevieve Lightworker <mp3>
Ep66 - Psychedelic Superheroes! w The Teafaerie! <mp3> 
Ep67 - UFOs and the Transformation of Pheonyx <mp3> 
Ep68 - Why be Interested in Dream Exploration? <mp3>
Ep69 - Investigating the Paranormal w Mark Nesbitt & Dave Gibb <mp3>
Ep70 - The Nov 5th March, Russell Brand, 432hz and More <mp3>
Ep71 - Special Video Chat Edition <mp3> 
Ep72 - Resurgence of Shamanic Culture w Rak Razam <mp3>
Ep73 - UFOs, Cosmic Portals, Infinity, Cycles, and Bonus XP <mp3>
EP74 - Conscious Conversation Circle: Connecting, Intuition, & Dreams <mp3>
Ep75 - Neural Kinetics: A Biological Grand Unification Theory w Kurt Hardesty <mp3>
Ep76 - Flowetry and Evolutionaries w Phil Osophical and Preston Smiles <mp3> 
Ep77 - Remembering How to Feel w Jordan Lavigne <mp3>
Ep78 - Conscious Community Call In Spectacular <mp3>
Ep79 - Transdimensional Future Education w Joyous Presence <mp3>
Ep80 - Spiritual Balance in a Financial World w Justin Hippie Jedi <mp3>
Ep81 - Dreams: Reflections of Soul <mp3>
Ep82 - Truth in Plain Sight: The Santos Bonacci Legacy w Kate of Gaia <mp3>
Ep83 - Community Insight Call In <mp3>
Ep84 - Meditation: Creating a Peaceful Paradigm w Chad Foreman <mp3>
SPECIAL - The Global Meditation. Feb 15, 2014 <mp3>
Ep85 - What is Love? Group Discussion <mp3>
Ep86 - How to Create Our Sacred Spaces w Elaena Flow <mp3>
Ep87 - Mysteries of Our Universe. Group Discussion <mp3>
Ep88 - Healing Plants of the World w Scott Lite <mp3>
SPECIAL - The Global Meditation. March 15, 2014 <mp3>
Ep89 - Why/How to Think Outside the Box <mp3>
Ep90 - Why Water is Awesome. Group Discussion <mp3>
Ep91 - Consciousness and Hip-Hop. w Tarek Bibi <mp3> 
Ep92 - Astrology Group Discussion. Community Call In <mp3> 
Ep93 - Social Alchemy to Hack the Matrix w Paradox Pollack <mp3>
Ep94 - Free Flow Fractal Conversation. Group Discussion <mp3>
Ep95 - Realms of the Taboo: Death, Sex & More. Group Discussion <mp3> 
Ep96 - Radical Love Filled Art w Matthew Silver 'Professional Wackadoodle' <mp3>
Ep97 - Lucid Dreaming Field Guide w Thomas Peisel. Author & Advanced Dreamer <mp3> 
Ep98 - Magick, Aliens, & The Occult w Truth Seekah - Spiritual Hip Hop Artist <mp3> 
Ep99 - Free Flow Fractal Conversation. Community Discussion <mp3>
Ep100 - Psychic Centennial Celebration! Community Discussion <mp3> 
Ep101 - Shifting Paradigms With Love 101. Community Discussion <mp3> 
Ep102 - The Share What You Know Show <mp3>
Ep103 - The Share What You Know Show Pt2 <mp3>
Ep104 - The Share What You Know Show Pt3 <mp3>
Ep105 - Share What You Kknow Show. Conscious Wizardry Community Discussion <mp3> 
Ep106 - How to Build a Paradigm Shift Community (and Change the World) <mp3>
Ep107 - Decoded Wisdom of the Qabalah w Master Calum Turnbull <mp3>
Ep108 - Decoded Wisdom of the Qabalah Part2: The Original Rune W Master Calum Turnbull <mp3>
Ep109 - Holographic Mystery Episode. Community Discussion <mp3> 
EP110 - Cultivating Sexual Energy. Unlocking Our Potential <mp3> 
Ep111 - Stories of Synchronicity. Community Discussion. <mp3>
Ep112 - Awareness of World Issues w Mindfulness. Community Discussion. <mp3> 
Ep113 - The 'Guru, Oh Guru..." Game! - Tapping into Conscious Wisdom <mp3>  
Ep114 - Impromptu Cancer/Wolf Full Moon Edition <mp3> 
Ep115 - Collective Intentions for 2015. Community Discussion <mp3> 
Ep116 - Practical Tips for Being Awesome. Community Discussion <mp3> 
Ep117 - Things That Excite Us. Community Discussion <mp3> 
Ep118 - Females Perspectives of Spirituality <mp3>  
Ep119 - Epic Global Synchronized Meditation <mp3> 

New episodes expand beyond this list. See the Broadcast feed above for newest episodes and more. 

After Party Hangout Videos 
(Newest to Oldest) 

After many many episodes of Paradigm Shift Radio there were regular After Party hangouts - which were very similar to the Team Building Hangouts of today. Enjoy browsing them! There are lots of great discussions featured within each one.

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