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Shift Missions

A core part of the Paradigm Shift Central game is to be able to practice creating conscious media. One of the ways we do this is by creating Quest Journals.

You are encouraged to practice creating Quest Journals from both a desktop computer and from a mobile device. Though keep in mind that working on a desktop computer does provide more versatility. The intention of the Quest Journals is to help create the habit for you to make digital journals and to practice things like stream of consciousness writing. The mere act of journaling, by nature, will change your reality. Quest Journals can be many things,

ranging from details about specific events in your life, to just simply getting ideas out there and surprising yourself with what you write. Use this time now to help us create a foundation and create examples of what Quest Journals can look like. When applicable, an underlying goal when writing your entries should be to help inspire the community audience aswell - thus helping inspire others to want to practice writing their own Quest Journals too. 

When creating Quest Journals you can assign multiple labels to them to help assign them into categories, which include - 

Journey Log: A simple account of your real experiences 

Synchronicity Reports: An account of specific events that included notable synchronicity

Shiftiivsm Activity: An account of your noting acts of Shiftivism, such as Shift Button gifting, Free Hugging, or talking with strangers, or helping someone - just spreading the love and consciousness in general.

Reflections: This can really be anything. Thinking of a big question? Got a big idea? Reflect on it.

Dream Journals: Help work towards lucidity by writing your dreams down.

Personal Creations: This would include art such as poetry, a drawing, painting, a video, or a song, etc.

Community Updates: Information related to your local Paradigm Shift Community or otherwise

Visions and Intention: Practice manifesting by writing down what you wish to see

Videos: Entries including videos that ideally you have created or something relative to your post.

Micropost: A smaller than normal post. Could be a few sentences and an image. 


Quest Journal Tips:

Begin writing your Quest Journal in a a separate text document. Save and back up regularly. 

Practice pressing all of the buttons within your tools to learn how to use them. 

Use the HTML Editor to learn how HTML works, and copy the HTML code of your entries as back up too when editing them.
(HTML Editor not available on mobile.)

ALWAYS INCLUDE AN IMAGE IN YOUR POST to have it show up in the media feeds properly and when you share it to other social networks. 

Once you have published your entry copy the URL or use the share tools at the top of the page to reshare it through your social networks. 

Take your time and edit your content yet try to keep it loose. 

Make it personal, share both your challenges and your accomplishments. 

Include personal pictures. You can add pictures to any post. 

Try making it light hearted and humorous.

Experiment with a variety of writing styles. 

Remember it is just practice. 

Make a habit of it. (Can you do one entry a day or every other day?)

Be passionate about sharing your story and help inspire others to do the same. 

Including your own youtube videos is highly encouraged! Copy the Embed code from the share option of a youtube video into the video box tool. 

*Note - if you include an "Excerpt" in your post it will override your first included image as part of the post preview.

For those who want to be a part of this but are not signed up yet, sign up and create your Shifter profile and gain access to creating your own Quest Journals. Sign up now at:

That is all for now. Once I get the time to do so we will begin playing around with the forums and much more. A reminder that the work flow in this is to eventually have us creating well written Conscious Articles to post through the website. The Quest Journals are very real, but they are also practice for us to get good at writing as we work towards making awesome Conscious Articles (like the other ones we see all over the place these days.) Send me a personal message once you have put up your first post! I look forward to seeing it! So start brainstorming, start putting ideas out there, and start seeing what happens. This is an experiment in conscious evolution....
So let's let the creativity flow.

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 

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