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Here at Shift Market you will find a variety of valuable quest items and services that are created by and available for Shifters. Follow the information in each post to contact the individual and collectively support each other!

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Auralite 23 Crystal Wire Wraps


Here are some hand made wire wraps I have to share. I specifically picked up these Auralite 23 pieces awhile ago to share with fellow Shifters. Auralite 23 is such a sought after crystal because it is one of the oldest known ones on earth. Found only in northern Ontario, Canada too which is the province I live in. Auralite 23 contains up to 23 different minerals, which again is because of its formation from billions of years ago. 

I am providing these to help raise funds as a pay what you wish price between 30-50US. Shipping not included.

Reply or message me here if you are interested!

Available as bronze silver and gold wire wrap colour as a choice. Available in slight variation of sizes. I currently only have about 20ish available.

Thanks for your support!

Much love!

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