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Intention Wall

Community Intention Wall

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  • My intentions are to clear away muddiness and fog and find clarity and focus

  • My intentions are to clear away all that is destroying me. 

  • Community Admin

    My intention is that now I have completed some major steps on ugprading and optomizing the website and mobile app I will be able to share and play with and use the website as it is envisioned for. To be able to synch up and synchronizie with my fellow Shifter friends while co-creating some really cool things and experiences. <3 

  • My intentions for the new year are to finish my yt channel, continue building my Reiki business, Chakra Tree Reiki, and keep pushing Paradigm Shift Reno to help assist in the shift in consciousness. Oh, and I'm always searching for self improvement. Much love EVERYONE - Hector Orea
  • Community Admin
    As we move through the moves and continue to find more of ourselves my intentions are for us to continue to evolve our abilities to be in service to others. 0N3 L0V3
  • i would like to help others and myself to seek and find the truth of life's mysteries. i also intend to give as much as i can to the local and global commune.

  • Meditate each day at least for 11 minuets

  • My intention is to joyfully use this Paradigm Shift Space to practice communicating the best of my conscious work and journey whilst adding to this amazing collection of community articles and journals. 

  • Community Admin

    I intend for this wall to be utilized for productive manifestation potential that will help align us with some amazing realities. 

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