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What it is: 
The Team Forum is a place for the community to practice communicating, exploring new ideas together, sharing stories, asking questions, learning, and connecting. 

How it works:
It can range from informal to formal. In many ways it is like a sandbox forum and a place for us to be mirrors for each others growth.
Expression of perspectives, creativity and flow is encouraged. 
The Team Forum is an opportunity for community members to help each other, learn more about each other, and establish new relationships. 

Mutual respect and common decency is expected from all Shifters.
Have fun.

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Team Introduction Thread

Following the adventures of 1111 yesterday and our epic Global Meditation Broadcast, I just want to thank everyone in the community for being here and open up space to share a bit about who we are as unique fractals of the whole. We have all travelled far and wide to make it to this shared moment. So now that we are here, let's continue to see where we can go by getting to know a bit more about each other, develop relationships, and evolve as community. Mirrors upon mirrors. Infinite growth.

The Paradigm Shift community is unique in terms of its interactivity and focus on encouraging people to engage with local communities and build the tribe beyond the realms of this website alone. The core of which can be centralized around the objectives of building more physical Paradigm Shift communities that host regular open-minded discussion and meditation circles.

Let's find out more about who we are, where we are, and what the unfolding shift looks like from each of our perspectives! 

Leave a reply to this thread sharing a bit about
- Who you are and where you are from
- The current level of conscious community in your location and your engagement with it
- What your interests are and what you would like to learn more about
- Any additional skill sets you have to share
- A short story about your own awakening journey thus far

Thank you again, and 0N3 L0V3

∞ Brendon

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  • I'll just share a quick post myself. 
    My name is Brendon Culliton, located in London, Ontario, Canada and a part of the local Paradigm Shift London community since 2009!

    Here in London things are unfolding well and still have a lot of potential. There are alot of awesome people here shinning their light. Our weekly meetings have continued to bring people together, and the majority of my close friends are all people I have met through the Paradigm Shift community. It is my plan to get more involved with organizing other community events that will bring more people out in collective acts of art, mindfulness, dance, and celebration. Now that my job is shifting I will also be going out and doing more Free Hugs missions to connect others into the community. 

    My interests and skills are in the realms of media and story telling. Video making, podcast producing, movies, and using art in general to help change the world. 

    I am really interested in topics related to dream exploration, metaphysics, power of the conscious mind, psychic abilities, ufos, sasquatch, synchronicity, reminding people of their potential, and alot more. 

    I also am keen on physical health and athletics. I have grown up playing hockey my whole life and continue to do my own free style ninja training to sharpen my body and mind. 

    My story of awakening goes back quite a ways, and I will have to make a seperate video talking about it at some point. But if you explore my youtube channel ( ) it sort of pieces together the mystery there in parts. 

    That's all for now, but the road goes ever on and on. 

    "The most important super power we all have is the power of the heart."

  • I am Jude, or Jude* (JudeStar). I chose an interesting and challenging incarnation. I am a transgender Indigo who chose to incarnate into an almost cult-like household with a violent, mentally ill patriarch. I am "in recovery." Artistic recovery, spiritual recovery. Growing up in relative isolation til my teen years, experiencing abuse, and being generally misunderstood due to being trans has caused me to cocoon myself somewhat from others. That's a large part of why I'm typing this. I want to invite interaction with loving beings who value me. I want new associations with the idea of sharing my truth, and my self.
    I'm sure my community is a reflection of my own scarred and scared nature, but I see the place I live - in rural southern Indiana, US - as an unhealthy place. I felt more love and care for my town during the meditation last night than I have felt before. The idea that I can let go my fear and share love with others is one that I'm hesitantly, but hopefully allowing in.
    I am interested in sensation. I'm interested in sharing beauty. My current learning is developing my skills in drawing and writing, along with the spiritual and emotional healing I must go through in order to break through the blocks my strange life so far has necessitated. I'm ready to release my self from the quiet stasis where I hid to survive. It is a wonderful time to be alive. I know I'll stumble, and some days feel I've "regressed," but I know I'm steadily climbing, unlearning, and becoming.
    I'm not entirely sure what my skills are. I know I like making things. I like food. I like sharing. I can make connexions in ways that seem to surprise people. I know I'm not well trained in the social expectations of each group, considering the oddness of my life so far, so I process things in unexpected ways. I'm hoping my skills will unfold more as I get out and stretch.
    Awakening... well, first there was my father's religion, which I was brainwashed into from birth, which was a frightening flavour of fundementalist christianity... think Westboro baptist with some Lord of the Rings thrown in... I saw few people during my early years and the ideas were instilled in me with violence and fear, I believed them well enough, though some things were always confusing (I wondered why the God character didn't just forgive and "save" the Satan character and have it done with, for example) ... eventually my parents divorced and I was unceremoniously dropped into public high school... my first class outside of home schooling was 10th grade lit... in rural Georgia, I didn't get much chance to question the beliefs I was told to have... I recall prayers to yaweh being given at my graduation by the principal! Eventually I got online and started to find other weirdos... I learned that transgender was a thing, which cleared up a LOT of confusion from my early life... I started looking into Buddhism, reading Kerouac, listening to David Bowie, basically questioning everything. College at a conservative military school in Georgia didn't work at all, and I dropped out after a year and moved to Indiana to be with an open minded friend. I started to identify as an atheist, read Dawkins and Hitchens and was probably obnoxious as I declared my freedom from the bloodthirsty paternal god. I met my now wife by chance while goofing around taking quizzes on okcupid. We stumbled across Spirit Science together one day and started to think about things more deeply. Now new ideas flow my way as I follow my intuition. Obviously PSR was instrumental in me finding my way from the narrowminded version of skepticism that had been my bridge from harmful religion to my new self-formed religion of Pronoiac Pantheism. Now I'm here, considering the fact that I'm an elf-horse-wolf and that I have work to do. I'm glad to have a community of accepting people to learn how to share my story. I wasn't able to talk last night in the after party hang out, because I have intense social anxiety and I had such a strong surge of anxiety at the thought of introducing myself that I made my computer crash. I'm being patient with myself, and I ask you to be patient with me also, fellow Shifters, and know that when I do speak, that I'm doing you the highest honour. I've been locked away in my mind for a long time. Even I've forgotten where most of the doors are in here, and when I find the door out that allows me to speak, it will be an occasion. Also,  please keep in mind that I am a man, and my pronouns are masculine. If anything I've said here is interesting or confusing, feel free to comment :) Don't except it from all trans people, but I am willing to answer questions about trans issues, for the record, as long as it's polite and not about my privates!

    Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself. Namaste _()_

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