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Project Collaborations

Team Forum - Project Collaborations

What it is: 
Overtime we will be activating various aspects of the team forum within the project. For now - our primary forum section will be focused on Project Collaborations. 

Through Project Collaborations we will practice working together to create a variety of conscious media projects and more. Videos, image memes, articles, etc. 

Share your project with the team and invite others to contribute their own skill sets as we practice co-creating.

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Featured Discussion

Aloha Team,

This is a project that I would like many of us to actively contribute to casually over time.

One of the focuses for the project in the coming years will be to continue to grow the facebook page. One of the tools to do this is through using creative meme images that we can create.

I would like to explore a variety of different styles related to both educational, inspirational, entertaining, and humorous.

As a simple step, I invite people to begin leave comments in here of things like quotes or phrases that would work well on posts, as well as images that our graphic designers can work with.

If you are source some cool art - do your best to try and include the name of the artist aswell.

Let's see what we can create :)

Here are a couple example of previous meme images I made back in the day following a simple yet effective template I created.

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