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Galactic Infection - The Tree of Samsara - Metaphysical Science Fiction Fantasy Story

The spirits of the animals and the trees on planet Nibiru are beginning to fold under the immense weight of a gene-hijacking cosmic parasite which is slowly encroaching on Nibirus sector of the galaxies spiral arm. But there is hope. A young voyager named Rosemary was born for the task of retrieving a single leaf from the sacred tree of Samsara. The tree is guarded by 13 ancient crystal standing stones that encompass it, but Rosemary's soul is still pure and untainted by the influence of the dark cosmic wave. The glowing white leaves of the tree are made of pure unrefined starlight and are the only source of compressed light potent enough to reactivate an ancient planetary defence system to send the cosmic entity back through the heart of the galaxy into the abyss from whence it came.


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