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Central News

Building Conscious Community & Creating Conscious Media
Helping Change the World
Paradigm Shift Team Building Video Hangout
 LIVE Thurs Nov 17, 2016.
Team Arrival Time: 9pm EST.  Live broadcast begins once everyone is ready.

Paradigm Shift Central is a real world interactive game to help bring together and evolve a global team of Shifters.
Shifters are people who are actively helping shift consciousness through immediate local community efforts, creating Paradigm Shift Communities, Shiftivism tactics like Free Hugs, conscious media creation, and of course metaphysical exploration.

Be Inspired. Be Involved. 
Be a Part of the Shift.



Watch the broadcast on youtube at:

From one week to the next, the project is continuing to evolve on a global scale.

Team Building Hangouts are key in helping us take important steps forward as a team by discussing strategies, exchanging knowledge, getting to know one another, and focusing our collective intention.

Anyone is welcome to join and be a part of the team and the ongoing real world game.

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Objectives of Team Building Hangouts:
- To create a casual opportunity to introduce ourselves, where we are from, what the shift looks like where we are
- To practice communicating
- To talk about the newest updates related to the project and the successes within the last weeks
- To talk about creating conscious media
- To brainstorm and create resources for social media outreach
- To discuss some tactical strategies for creating and building Paradigm Shift Communities where we are
- To discuss Shiftivism tactics (ie - things like Free Hugs)
- To engage in overall conscious metaphysical conversation 

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Hosted by Brendon Culliton


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About Central News

Central News features Game Updates and primary Live Broadcasts that players are encouraged to take part in. Including Team Building Broadcasts, Dream Class, Destiny School, Admin Meetings, Global Meditations, and more.

Create conscious media, build conscious community, and help document and accelerate the shift in consciousness.

Be a part of the team and contribute to the unfolding real world story. 

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