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What are you willing to stand for?

Simply put, the Women's March means many different things to many different people. That in itself is why it is so important. Though many will look at it through the polarizing lens of politics and social-media rhetoric - the condescending and insensitive opinions of others does not devalue the subjective importance of what it represents to each and every person within their own heart. 

As a gonzo journalist, I intentionally make it my purpose to help use the magic of the camera lens to amplify the stories and inspiration of specific events and messages to help share and ripple the importance of them with local, and global community.

Now it's true - some people will actually be mad at me for creating this video and helping tell this story. But for me, that just comes with the territory of taking a stand for what you believe in when it comes to a subject such as this. I for one believe in helping share the voices of those whose messages of love will inspire many more. And if some people on the internet are going to direct hate at me for it, then so be it. But that will not stop me from doing what I know is important for the bigger story.

This is that story…

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For me, the Women's March is an INCREDIBLY meaningful event to help share for many reasons. Most of which I choose to see as being independent from the political scenarios of the time. 

For me, an event like this is about creating our own stories with intentions. It is about developing sovereignty for the chapters still ahead. It is about reminding the women who have been put down by circumstance and society of their own strength to rise through any challenge, and in turn become stronger. To me this is about planting the seeds for future generations of both male and female who will grow up with respect for all beings. And perhaps, most importantly - it is about holding space for our own healing. As individuals and a collective. 

We are living in the midst of deep wounds. Yet we are also rising through the darkness with great love. Because it is within the darkness that we learn how to shine a brighter light. Our healing as a collective comes from many higher angles of empathy, forgiveness, and deep compassion. For ourselves, and even in time for those who we deem the perpetrators of things like misogyny, racism, bigotry, homophobia, sexism, arrogance, xenophobia, and much more. 

From my own personal perspective, this is about social alchemy. Transformation through intention. I feel that an often overlooked key in being able to transcend through the complexity of our healing is when we can really really meditate and empathize with the roots of the issues. In this case, I feel that we must not overlook that many of the perpetrators of disrespect for others in this society comes from the likelihood that they themselves were probably never given the opportunity to learn how to open their own hearts and live with compassion. Many became a bi-product of their environment. And social programming that was engrained into them by the time they were 20 continued unquestioned into their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond. So with that said, do you think it is reasonable to hold space for empathy for those who have simply not learned how to properly love themselves and others? Is it their fault? Yes they are still responsible for their actions - but what happens if we empathize with often forgotten parts of their stories? Does that shift how we see them and the energy we choose to project to them? 

You see, others have said that in order to "win" we must let go of the "us vs them" mentality. We must step back to a higher perspective and truly understand that there is only us. And in turn to then take responsibility for our own healing as individuals and a collective. Yes things take time, but things can also happen in a flash of light. It's okay to acknowledge anger inside of us. It's okay to recognize frustration. Those are all very powerful guidance tools to navigate our reality. But be aware as to how much power we choose to give them and our relationship with these emotions. For overtime they will undeniably cloud or vision. For after all, what does our scenario look like when seen with eyes unclouded by hate?

The problems we recognize point us towards the solutions we seek. So the solution - to live by example. For men and women to invite others into discussion, to ripple the inspiration, and to create space for healing through enacting empathy, compassion, patience, and responsibility for ourselves and others. The solutions will happen week to week as more women and men shift the relationships within themselves, and in turn create the patterns that will define the future for generations to come. 

At the end of the day the king and the pawn go back in the same box. We are all humans having this spiritual experience together for the time being. When we see beyond the illusions (of society and our own programming) we can see each other for who we are. Dynamic, beautiful, chaotic, vulnerable, strong, compassionate, artistic, and loving beings. 

I am because we are. 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 


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