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Conscious Articles

About Conscious Articles

Conscious Articles are pieces of media (written & video) created with extra particular attention and intentions to help shift consciousness. Community members are encouraged to share these articles as resources and mediums for inspirational, educational, and entertaining ideas.

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By Andrew Morrissey

Take a moment to think about how incredible it would be to be a Jedi. Imagine wielding a lightsaber and never having to make your own sound effects again! Most people would be ecstatic to have that kind of power, even if it meant undergoing rigorous exercises and tests. Interestingly, many of those tests Force-users do to become warriors of the Star Wars universe are not that different from what normal Earthlings go through daily.

So, here’s the truth: you can indeed train to be a real life Jedi. Unfortunately, you still have to make the lightsaber sounds…

Jokes aside, becoming a Jedi is just like becoming a neurosurgeon, engineer, or a master of any profession you can think of. You develop a certain skill and hone that skill to meet a specific level of understanding. From there, you graduate to obtain something handy, like a degree or special weapon. In the Old Republic, Jedi trained over many years, starting from the Padawan Learner to eventually become a Jedi Master. White belt to black belt, so to speak. Kindergartener to Doctor.

You get where I’m going with this.

Masters of the Mind
To the Jedi, brainpower is more important that physical strength (though we can’t deny that they are galactic Spartans). Jedi hone their minds to become their number one weapon, because if it wasn’t for a certain amount of mental acuity, alertness, and control, they could fall at any moment to the call of the dark side.

How did the Jedi do this exactly? They boost their intuitive capabilities through things like mind-body exercises and meditation.

In the research called “Infinite Mind” by Dr. Valerie Hunt, there is a direct correlation between electromagnetic auric frequencies—those associated with psychic faculties—and the level of consciousness an individual has accrued. It shouldn’t be a surprise that healers, empaths, mediums, and mystics all have higher frequencies and higher levels of consciousness than those who are fixated on a more material reality.

An example of someone who operated at a higher frequency was the Russian psychokinetic (PK) Nina Kulagina, who was famous for separating egg yolks from the whites as it floated in saline solution by using only her mind. Her theta waves during such an experiment were as low as 4 Hz, the level associated with deep relaxation or trance, despite her pulse being a rapid 240 bpm. Kulgina’s PK powers were also extremely mood dependent. If she wasn’t comfortable or was stressed, more energy was expended and she’d tire alarmingly fast.

It is known that negative energy causes entropy and atrophy, while positive emotions, like love, gratitude, and appreciation, ward off decay.

But the other facet of PK abilities and the Jedi mind is something that everyone would be better off developing: mindfulness. See, what makes Luke Skywalker the ideal tragic hero is that his psyche is just like anyone else’s. He knows fear, pain, uncertainty, happiness, love, and even moments of irrepressible hatred. While these emotions overwhelmed him at times, Luke Skywalker does something his father, Anakin, was never able to do: let these emotions come and go as they may.

We never see Luke become completely committed to a general school of thought. In fact, it is his very thoughts that allow him to overcome the final battle with Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi. Had he not been able to accept both the dark and light forces within himself, Luke Skywalker would have never lived long enough to appear in The Last Jedi.

Developing Your Jedi Mind
So, while it would be incredible to pull of some Jedi mind tricks, you’re never going to accomplish a Force Choke. But there are other benefits from mastering your mind, such as being able to generate your own reality and awaken intuitive superpowers. Here are some ways to develop your Jedi mind:

1. Define the Force
What exactly is the Force? In a way, the Force is reliant on emotion, meaning it can be something born from love, joy, elation, sadness, and anxieties. In short, the Force is Emotion.

Now, think back to a moment about Kulagina and how her PK abilities were affected by the emotions in the environment, not just her own. This is why Jedi don’t simply temper their bodies, they work hard to make their minds a serene place where emotion can be controlled and forged into something more than just a feeling.

2. Understand the Dark Side
Emotion isn’t something that should be squashed or thrown aside. Avoiding emotions leads to depression, rage, and even abusive tendencies. Overtime, people who do ignore their feelings become enslaved by it, much like Darth Vader did. Of course, the Jedi aren’t the best examples of acknowledging anger, as they seek to control it with righteous actions, but they also know how to promote inner peace by understanding where these dark emotions come from.

3. Allow the Force to Flow Through You
This comes in two parts: being able to accept that not everything is as easy as the world you see and opening your mind to the possibility that there is such a thing as the Force. You need to open not only your thoughts, you need to open your heart.

There will indeed be moments of discomfort as you confront the dark side within. You may get scared and want to take a step back. You may even feel overwhelmed. Emotions are not always pleasant, after all. Allow the Force to flow, and as these feelings bubble up inside, simply allow them to pass. Know what they feel like but don’t try to alter them in any way.

Remember that scene where Obi-Wan tells Luke to close his eyes and “stretch out with your feelings”? That’s what allowing the force to flow you means.

4. Awaken and Meditate
Once you have gotten a hang of letting the Force move through you, close your eyes, breathe deep, and try to describe your emotions. This often helps if you are with a group, in a friendly and accepting environment, where you can hone your Jedi skills together. This group can be channelers who are developing their clairvoyant powers or even several people who enjoy meditation. In this positive environment, you will be able to find the calmness required to unlock higher frequencies of consciousness.

Alone, try yogic breathing, also known as pranayama. Meditate daily. Find in these moments an awareness of the breath. The breath is an integral part of consciously working through negative emotions. As long as the breath is even, you can remain calm and rational.

5. Let Go
The Jedi are masters of control. However, sometimes to come into control, you have to realize what you are not in control of. What separates the Jedi from the Sith is how they react to certain stimuli. No true Jedi Master lashes out in anger. Meanwhile, a Sith Lord with choke people to death for getting in the way. This is because darkness is created by frustration and anger, and people typically get angry when their plans fall through.

Exist only in the present moment. Focus on “being.” Get everything else out of the way and trust that if you merely listen to intuition, your intention will eventually come true.

Training your Jedi mind is about being mindful. Not only should you understand that all emotions have a purpose, you should be able to acknowledge what you intuition and feelings are trying to tell you and make a logical decision about how to move onward. Once the mind is relaxed and supple, you can begin to form intentions; in time, those intentions will become your reality—and maybe even advance into psychokinetic territory!

© 2017. ANDREW MORRISSEY. All Rights Reserved.



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A shadow in the dark, a voice in the void, a ripple, a wave, a moment...

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  • Amazing Andrew thankyou so much for this post, I've written something similar about a video i made today, i love how synchronistic our posts are becoming and the ways in which as people and beings we are coming together in spirit.

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