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I learned this year, the exquisite beauty that exists in the Divine Masculine. His vastness and availability is akin to the image of Shu, the Egyptian God of the Air holding up Nuit, Goddess of the night sky.

He holds her great star body outstretched above him, exalting her form, her beauty, her power. He is the space between the cosmos and the Earth, separating the lovers so that life can be lived. In his service, he is fulfilled. And through this service, exalted in his own right, fulfilling his beautiful role in service to the All. Being the element of Air, only he can provide this service, which makes him unique, as well as part of the greater body of the universe. Fulfilling his role, playing his part.

We are only satisfied with life, our exquisite life, if we are letting Life live through us.

When we align with a Higher Will and allow the force of God, nature, and All to move through us, there is so much space, and the path is easy and effortless. But if we use our personal will to manifest a desire that is seeded from the ego, it’s an uphill battle, full of suffering and very exhausting.

We are very powerful beings, and therefore we can use our will to achieve things we feel we deserve or would make us seem grander, as ego desires are often overcompensating for insecurity. Or, we can surrender to what is easy and allow ourselves to be moved through, to be breathed by the forces of life. This gentle, Taoist Way will always be easier because it aligns with the forces of nature and what it is to embody pure being.

As we surrender and let the universe move through us we acknowledge that we are part of it. We are in service to the greater whole and therefore happier to take our place in the divine dance of life.

In Evolutionary Astrology, it is said that the soul has two opposing intentions upon incarnating: one is to merge with God and the other is to separate from it.

This is represented by the journey of the zodiac with the beginning and end signs of Aries and Pisces. Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign; it initiates the zodiac cycle, and is the archetype of the pioneer and leader. The lessons here are ego differentiation in service to personal discovery and learning to use the personal will, to follow one’s instincts and animal nature. Here we learn to follow our guts and our noses to go out and hunt to eat our prey. This is a necessary part of survival in our material existence.

However, as we mature and evolve through the zodiac, we move beyond the personal will, the ‘I’ (and solely satiating the desires of this ‘I’) to dissolve into the greater Will – the will of the group, of the whole.

We learn, as we evolve through the lessons of each sign of the zodiac, that only through serving the collective, true power (akin to humility and service) can be attuned to. It is by surrendering the needs of the personal will and attuning to the needs of the collective, that true inner harmony and peace can be achieved.

By being in service to a greater purpose, we are a part of this great masterpiece of life and finally feel complete. Enter Pisces, the fantastic recognition of the force of merging and unification, with the holy satisfaction of melding with the Cosmic One. Spiritual practices like yoga and chanting mantra lead us to taste this space. There is no fear of engulfment, only a deep inner knowing and a harmony of rightness, of reverence, with this merging and tuning to wisdom. The soul feels what it is to be a part of some grand purpose, and even though we may play just a small part in it all– it is just enough. It is perfect, as it is.

Life in its spiritual simplicity. Zen.

This Piscean merging with infinite consciousness intrinsically has faith in the great mystery of life. This archetype rides the waves of the highs and lows without manipulation. There is surrender here and therefore a sense of being carried by Divine Will with a belief that will of the Divine is also in the accordance with the will of the Self as well.

It is only by surrendering to the greater Will, do we ever feel fully at peace. This is by design.

It is important that we have an intrinsic Vertical Alignment and a reciprocal connection and communication with our inner spirit. We must build a continued conversation with our inner self and through that connection (strengthened by our spiritual practices and deepest soul companions) we are able to merge with our inner world, and completely thread ourselves to it. We become tethered to our inner knowing. Inseparable within.

As we develop our inner stability, we have resolve and are not thwarted when the tests of separation come. We remain in our integrity even we are tempted by grasping for ego gratification.

It is challenging when we are tested by our ego desires. We are so hungry for something we think will bring us to God, to Love, to wholeness. That is all we are looking for, through all outer worldly accomplishments.

In our modern collective we are challenged by the ego’s arrogance and aggrandizement. Even those of us with the best intentions to serve the All are still human and have competitive, primal triggers, wounds, and animal instincts that are based on survival consciousness. This war-like competition for resources is the consciousness we are evolving from.

We can choose connection instead of the game of power over or power under. We don’t have to live in these false, ego-identified selves. We can choose to be more present and surrendered in each moment of our lives. We can choose to quiet down, to tune inward and follow our hearts and develop a sacred relationship with life. Though in society’s noise and busyness this can be very challenging to do.

We understand what the truth of abundance is. In this space of compassion we understand another’s success is not a threat to our own. Women exalt women as men do as well, fearlessly. We commit to love fully and completely and we learn to see everyone as another brother or sister.

May we learn to balance these polarities in ourselves in service to Love.

May we be fearless with our hearts and surrender to the All.

Aho. Namaste. And so it is.
In love, light, and warrior spirit,

Happy Winter Solstice!

Michelle Infinity



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My mission is to walk in beauty, to live in tune with the cosmic rhythms of the earth and sky and provide healing tools for others to do the same. I restore harmony by helping people attune and connect to their own inner wisdom through my ritualistic healing work. Through prayer, song, my intuitive counseling practice, sharing conscious writings, media, and visual art, I am here to awaken others to the Infinite in Everything.

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