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About Conscious Articles

Conscious Articles are pieces of media (written & video) created with extra particular attention and intentions to help shift consciousness. Community members are encouraged to share these articles as resources and mediums for inspirational, educational, and entertaining ideas.

Community Admin
One of the most exciting aspects of documenting the ongoing shift in consciousness is being able to take part in the variety of community gatherings and celebrations which take place. It is through these moments that the tribe re-converges into a single place and time to be able to collective heal and inspire one another even further. I like to think of these gatherings as both soul family reunions and spiritual boost portals. Whether they be a weekend long transformational festival, a single conscious themed night at a local venue, or in this case - a 5 hour boat cruise out on the water - the impact they leave literally ripples through each and every person and back into culture in both subtle and palpable ways. 
While making a trip down to Toronto I was fortunate enough to be able to take part in a VERY unique conscious cruise boat party organized through the community group known as Soul Movement. Soul Movement: A Celebration of Awakening, was started by Sana Umair and Umair Nauma, and is dedicated to creating ongoing monthly consciousness shifting events for the community, which also double as fundraisers for charities. The events they host are focused on creating sacred space in a drug and alcohol free environment. The events bring together a variety of artists, healers, musicians, and light workers of many abilities who share the common focus of expanding their own consciousness and helping bring more light into the world as we continue to shift the paradigms. At the events people can experience the natural high of being around a so many loving individuals all in one place. The music, the food, the conversations, the hugs, the smiles, the guided meditations, the massages, and the art - it all adds together to create a potent transformational experience that each person integrates into themselves and brings out further into the world.
For some people at an event like this it may be their first time experiencing a gathering of so many conscious souls in one place. You see their eyes light up to the magic as they realize that this is a pivotal point of their quest to find their tribe. That is why at an event like this it can be such a huge catalyst of awakening for those who attend. They can very realistically be the start of a new chapter of their journey through the connections and friendships they make.
For me personally, I loved the idea of being able to be out on the water for an event like this and away from the concrete of the city. Being out there added another level of magic and connection to the element, and the spirit of Giai you could say.
Being able to peer onto the horizon of the lake and feel the air on your skin added a whole new level to the experience and the celebration.
Through events such as this, everyone is encouraged to bring their gifts to share. As such, I arrived with the intention of sharing my gifts as an archivist to be able to document the event and share the story through the magic of media for others to experience. To be able to talk with and provide an opportunity for some of the many inspirational spirits and soul leaders there to share their perceptions on the event, what it meant to them, and how it is helping change the world.

One of my personal favourite aspects of the cruise was the guided meditations we did together on the ship. Though not included in the video due to tradition - the cruise also included a native drumming ceremony vision meditation in which we connected deep with our roots. 
While attending I also took note of the very symbolic meaning of celebrating on a ship together. For me it goes back to the ideas that this bigger story is about each of us learning to become more sovereign captains of our own ships - our vessels - our bodies - the ships which we carry our consciousness upon through these many dimensions and experiences. Captains amongst Captains is a huge theme of the ongoing shift. So it was very interesting for each of us to have our intentions be reflected through the symbolism of the event itself - thus adding to the subconscious and ultraconscious potency of it.
Events these synchronicity celebration portal events, whether they be on water or otherwise, will continue to happen. Through them people will connect to connect. Family will continue to grow. Ideas and inspiration will continue to blossom, and most importantly - the story will continue to unfold.
Those who hear the call to help shift the paradigms do not always cross paths with each other every day - so when we do in a moment such as this - it is a very potent synchronistic experience with a lot of intention in which souls catch up with one another, share their appreciation, gratitude, projects, ideas, and love with one another. By the time we leave the party we are no longer just us - instead we carry with us the collective inspiration of the team, and continue to bring that inspiration further into the heart of our cities and communities - to transform culture from within.
So with that said, please enjoy the experience of this mini conscious documentary created to bring you into the experience of the Soul Movement Conscious Boat Cruise.

We are the ripples, awakening on the waters of love...
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Conscious Article Creation Rules

Thinking about writting a Conscious Article to submit for the team! Here is the criteria to know before you get started!

- Each Conscious Article must focus on a specific topic related to the shift in consciousness to help educate, entertain, and inspire.
- If purely written content, the article should take aprox 5 mins to read. 
- If a video, then it must be accompanied with a coresponding write up about the video.
- Submissions must be intentionally inspirational and related to themes promoting conscious awareness.
- The basis of the article must be created from both objective data and your subjective points of view as a journalist.

All conscious articles are reviewed before being published. Once succesfully published you will be rewarded 30 Shift Points! 

So get out there and help document the shift and create reality changing content!

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