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Here are 12 valuable conscious lessons I synthesized from my experience at the Oregon Eclipse Gathering 2017 that can be a guide for any future festival goers. These lessons can also be applied to life in general and may, on a grander scheme, be the laws of the universe! Enjoy :)

1. Be the Flow 
In one of her inspirational lectures, Oprah said, “There is a flow with your name on it, find it, and it will carry you.” This truth is greatly amplified at conscious festival and gatherings. When cloistered environments are built with deep intention behind them, such as Black Rock City of Burning Man, or when people with open hearts who are ripe for awakening gather together, then this flow is really amplified.Your flow will be guided through synchronicity, set up from your spirit guides and angels, as well as the spirit guides of others directing you and the others you engage with, towards each other at the right and perfect moment.

Always say yes to the flow — it will take you through portals and invisible doorways. Say yes to these moments of truth as they present themselves. Hop from one experience to the next like your path is a train and each person is a station or a stopping point. Each experience you have will lead you to the next one.

As an aside, here is a parable to demonstrate this truth. When I lived on the beach, there was a family of peacocks I used to gather feathers from. On my walks, I would pick up each feather I saw with the knowing that each feather I collected would lead me to the next one. Even if the feather wasn’t in great shape, I would still collect it, with the understanding that doing so would direct my vision to another opportunity, another feather. Following the trail of the flow allows life to be much easier, and allows you to coast on your journey.

Let yourself embody the flow and be carried.

2. Be Present
If we come to a gathering like this an agenda, be it with another person, or seeing a particular show at a certain time, we will go out of our way to make sure we are at a stage or spend our entire night searching for who we want to see. When we do this we are missing out on what is actually in front of us. Searching takes us out of the present moment, where we have the opportunity to engage with and enjoy whomever is in front of us and allow the flow to take us to the next phase of our journey.

3. Listen to the Subtly of Feelings
Our intuition speaks to us in the still small voice within. Follow your subtle feelings to move when it’s time to move, speak to a new person who is glowing at you, sit wherever you feel called, and be open to the magic. This also works when it’s time to leave a situation you’re supposed to. Sometimes holding on to a particular person or experience too long can obstruct a fresh, new experience that could have taken place. Have the courage to follow your instincts to leave whoever you are with to venture out on your own for a bit and see what magic awaits you.

4. Adventure Alone
Don’t be afraid to venture off solo for a little while, and allow people to come up to you and speak to you. Richer experiences take place when you are open to wherever the winds will take you. Being more accessible means you are able to connect with different people or have a beautiful conversation with others who are also on a solo mission. There is a more potent chance for deep conversation when you are not enmeshed with the flow of an entire group of people. But you have to relax, find your flow, and dance with the new people you meet. Smile and engage and you may meet a new friend or beloved.

5. Remember, Everyone is Your Friend
In groups of festival dancing, it’s really wonderful to celebrate with the collective energy of the entire group as a whole. See if you can feel the vibration of the crowd as you walk your way through them. Tuning into the oneness energy really invites great experiences. In my experience this resonance manifests as strangers complimenting your attire, telling you that they recognize you from somewhere, and inviting you to other workshops or seeing things you weren’t even aware of. This vibration opens doors and lets the universe fill you with new experiences that are beyond what you can think of. This is where the magic is.

6. Also Remember, Not Everyone is Your Friend
And still, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your backpack and remember that everyone is on varying levels of consciousness and substances. The individuals on hard drugs at these gatherings will engage with you very differently than those who are not. Also you will see some people are who are emotionally and mentally imbalanced and have high levels of aggression. Energetic and physical boundaries are very important. If you are a highly sensitive empath, learning to clear your energy and ground yourself is a super important practice to do consistently. Make sure to create you own rituals that bring yourself back to center. (One of my self care rituals is shifting my energy by changing my clothing.) Make sure you are practicing self care through shielding and protecting yourself vibrationally as well as honoring yourself by securely maintaining your space.

7. Open Yourself to Transcendence, but Please Stay in Your Body
The ritual practices and workshops at these consciousness festivals are amazing. The intentional community gathers together to create a really beautiful container that allows a more potent activation than is achieved while working alone (mostly). But at these half-conscious festivals, where there is a heavy influence from the electronic music scene, this invites a whole symphony of different vibrations.So, as we open ourselves through the rituals of breathwork and yoga (which are ancient practices that are pathways to God) we are also opening up the energetic gateways within our own magnetic fields to access a higher dimensional energy. And, we are clearing and releasing energy from our fields, such as grief and even past life emotions. This allows healing to occur, which is beautiful. This is transcendence, and why we engage in these practices in the first place. However, through opening up these channels and energetic gateways in our own being, other dimensional energies, including beings on the lower astral plane, can infuse themselves with our own essence when we are open and vulnerable to it.

It would be impossible for the workshop facilitators of these practices to babysit each one of us and make sure at the end of their class we were all back in our bodies, completely centered and grounded. So we need to make sure we are all self responsible. The same is true when we ingest entheogens. We can blow ourselves wide open to the cosmos, which is great, but we also need to make sure we are maintaining our balance.

For those on the ascension path, the higher we raise our vibration, the more subtle and refined we are. This also means that denser energies become less tolerable. If you feel flooded with other people’s energies or off-center for a prolonged period of time, ask for help from one of the healers to energetically hold space for you. This is especially true if you’ve experienced a deep healing through a series of events or during a workshop. Alternatively, ask for help from someone you trust to support you. Highly sensitive people tend to leave their bodies in order to escape the emotions of what may be coming up for us. It could be healing an ancestral trauma, a collective pattern of energy, or a personal one. If our essence has astral traveled out of our body we will need reenter it, as well as ground. Once we have cleared ourselves from any external energies, we will feel safe to reenter our bodies and embody our souls within them. Then, we will realign our energetic bodies with our physical one and start to feel centered again. But in order to go through that process and regain clarity, we may need someone else to help hold space for us to do this work.

8. The Playa Provides
If you lose all the friends you came with, you will find new ones. Sometimes the people you are already friends with before the festival are on their own journeys and you will be most vibrationally compatible with those you meet along the way. Be open to this, and don’t hold it against anyone you love if you’re not flowing the same way. You will still be friends after the gathering, and experience it as an opportunity to be in your own flow and on your own path.But if you are experiencing a break up of a partnership during a festival, allow the old to leave and just be open. Conscious gatherings are designed to be revelationary truth tellers from the universe, so listen to what they are offering you.

You may break up with people and old energy patterns in order to evolve and meet new found friends. For example, if your ride happens to leave without you, chances are someone camping near you will be going to the same place and you can hitch a ride back home with them. If you run out of food, equipment, need duck tape or something along those lines, your neighbor will most likely have extra. The Playa provides. ‘The Playa’ is the name of the dry lake bed that is home to the festival site of Burning Man. Gatherings like these are wonderful places to set intentions and instantaneously manifest whatever you may need.

9. What you Think Will Happen, Will Never Happen
Again, don’t go into this with an agenda!! It’s a great idea to set some intentions or even ask for answers to some questions in your life, but try your best not to have a set expectation of something playing out a certain way.. such as a relationship, workshop, performance, or anything like that. You will experience disappointment as you attempt to achieve certain results or outcomes. These gatherings are a great place to practice letting go of outcomes. Festivals are a living breathing organism, and much like the universe, it knows what it’s doing. Let it work you.Let go of expectations, let go of agendas, and have faith in what gifts the universe is willing to share with you. The more you trust in the space of letting the unknown flood in and share the infinite with you, the more open to magic and transformation you will be… and, the more joy you will receive.

10. Enjoy the Ride
Every festival and gathering will have it’s own rhythm. You may notice how the weather mirrors the collective energies of the group, such as it becomes cloudy, rainy, and dreary out when it’s time to leave. Sometimes you will notice a wave throughout these events. Like a collective struggle in the beginning along with a build up of tension and energy, followed by a peak of a great release in the middle with a quiet euphoria at the end. At other times, it’s a rocky ride the whole way through, or up, down, and up again, like a roller coster.No matter what, practice non attachment and just enjoy the ride. Ride the waves with your witness mentality. Try not to think of the money you spent getting here or what you’re receiving out of the experience. Just ride the waves and come back to the flow when you lose it. Keep centered, and bring yourself back to your heart, and the present.

11. Everything that Falls Apart, Comes Back Together Again
This is one of my favorite reoccurring lessons from the universe. We forget again and again, only to remember. Great Spirit will break us down to build us back up again. And for many, this is how transformation occurs.Even when every expectation we have falls flat and all of our dreams are crushed… when we lose our friends, our ride, our love.. we may end up with a beautiful reunion, a healing apology from our beloved, and be offered another way home with a beautiful exciting person. The  totality of our experiences will coalesce.

This arc describes the healing journey, and an experience of crisis is sometimes the process of breaking down in order to break through. This is what allows us to feel fully transformed with renewed faith in life as a whole, with a greater connection to ourselves and who we truly are.

This is the journey of the phoenix, to first become ash but then to rise. This is how we are able to shape shift into something new. The phoenix archetype is the apex of the transformational journey.

12. Everything Will Come Together, and Everything Will Unravel Again…
At the end of the festival or gathering, things will bridge together in this harmonious way, teaching you lessons that find you loving yourself. You will see glimpses of potential opportunities, portals and doorways that you could cross over into, and things that you will want to manifest in the future.However, in order to put everything harmonically back into its place and allow you to enroll yourself back into your life, things will also slowly start to lose their flavor. Conversations with magical people will start to wane in their effect and you will feel as though the universe is gently unwinding again, putting you back in your place, giving you back to yourself, and allowing you to once again be headed on your own journey.

The beautiful healing experiences you’ve cherished, people that you’ve talked to, wonderful insights, and the things you’ve surrendered to will start to integrate and take their rightful place within in your heart.

You feel balanced and renewed, yet at the same time ready to go back into your life with new inspiration. You have a renewed sense of clarity of your own purpose, who you are, and an inner strength and conviction that you did not have before you embarked on this journey. As well as a clarity of the next steps to take in your own life.

This unwinding happens, I believe, so we do not attach to these heightened experiences. As everything comes back down into harmonic order, we take with us the answers and the insights we need, only to take our place, once again, in the Great Wheel of Life — in the great Matrix and in the mechanism of Life — in order to be channels and transmit the energies we receive from these intentional festivals and gatherings to, and on behalf of, the rest of the world.


By going off grid and getting out of the matrix, we are throwing ourselves into the hands of the universe to break us apart and put us back together. This kind of outing is a spiritual pilgrimage and the reason why we spend great amounts of money to get dirty, dehydrated, and galavant in the woods with one another.  

It takes the faith of remembering that as we are being tested (and really, we are always just testing ourselves) to go through these energetic doorways of transformation, we are being shape shifted from the beginning to the end of our time together. And, we will be going back into the world with a set of new beliefs that are strengthened by the energies guiding our journeys, our truths, and our hearts.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin – For all of my relations.

Dedicated to the Rainbow Warrior tribe that is continually integrating these Waves of Ascension, and especially those integrating the shifts we experienced together during the Oregon Eclipse, bringing those truths back into the marketplace, back into the matrix, and radiating Babylon with the love, clarity, and the peace we found in ourselves in support of our journeys by honoring the eclipse, these rituals, ourselves, and the cycles of time.

As we come together as a family, this rainbow warrior tribe, all connecting on different levels of awakening, we are being the call to create our New Paradigm.

We are on a mission in service to heart centered consciousness, to passionately wake up this world and honor the deep and infinite Love that lives in All.

Aho. Namaste. And so it is.
In love, light, and warrior spirit,

Michelle Infinity
<3 ∞

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My mission is to walk in beauty, to live in tune with the cosmic rhythms of the earth and sky and provide healing tools for others to do the same. I restore harmony by helping people attune and connect to their own inner wisdom through my ritualistic healing work. Through prayer, song, my intuitive counseling practice, sharing conscious writings, media, and visual art, I am here to awaken others to the Infinite in Everything.

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