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Admin Support Files


The content bellow is still relevant, but will be getting updated in the future.

Admin Support Files

- Admin Graphic Tools -

Here you will find specific templates and Photoshop (.psd) files that community admins
are encouraged to download, edit, and use to support the growth of 
their local Paradigm Shift Communities. 


The Paradigm Shift Sigil

The following is a transparent png file.
Bring the Sigil into your own editing software and get creative with it.


Default Community Facebook Page Image

<Right Click and Save As>


Promo Poster / Pamphlet Template

Edit the information in the template below to match your community event information. Scale the image and fit 4 onto a 8.5 x 11 sheet to use a and share as pamphlets. 

< Download .psd File >


Advanced Poster Template 

Edit and add your own graphics to this template to use this poster to promote your event on facebook and to put up as a poster around your community.

< Download .psd File >  


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