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About Paradigm Shift Central

About Paradigm Shift Central

Do you want to help change the world?
You can.

Project Overview:

Paradigm Shift Central is a real world co-operative and interactive game to help assist with the evolution of consciousness.
Functioning as a platform for a global conscious media broadcast network, it invites players, aka Shifters, to join in and contribute by learning and creating intentional media to collectively document the Shift and to share their story, their perspectives, their creativity, and their voice with a global audience. In addition, a core primary objective for Shifters is to plant seeds and build Paradigm Shift Communities where they are in the world. These communities focus around the facilitation of regular open-minded discussion and meditation groups, created as opportunities to practice metaphysical conversation and to develop real world friends and allies. Shifters are encouraged to connect with others by Hacking the Matrix with Love through acts of Shiftivism such as Free Hugs and using Shift Buttons. 

Primary game media includes original community created Quest Journals and Conscious Articles of Shifters documenting the Shift from their perspective for the purpose of collective inspiration, education, and entertainment. Team Media also includes ongoing Live Interactive Broadcasts such Team Building Video Hangouts, Dream Class, Destiny School, Community Admin Meetings, Global Mediations, and more. All of which anyone can be involved with. 

The overall intention of Paradigm Shift Central is to encourage open-mindedness, healthy living, and to help assist and accelerate the shift in consciousness. 

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The core of the project began in 2009 and was started by Brendon Culliton.  

For further insight on the project and it's origin, we recommend watching the videos below.


- To make a difference, one must be the difference. -  

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