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Julia Korinko posted a status
Nov 16, 2018
Excited to be creating my own reality... and to find my tribe. Consciousness is such a fascinating topic. I enjoy listening to a lot of Abraham Hicks about the Law of Attraction. I recently opened my own practice as a certified Reiki Master. I am 41 weeks pregnant today, and hoping our son will come soon. I am married to my twin flame and enjoy his company and seeing him grow on his journey. I believe we do pick our earth family to come in- but I don't really feel I fit in my blood line family very well... not among my parents nor siblings, that is. They are quite religious- not something that I am really in alignment with, as I choose the path of being my own conscious creator of my reality. It has left a bit of a gap between us. Since I have been enjoying creating my own family unit, however, I do see how all in my life has been for the highest and greatest good and evolution of my soul. I have recently connected with more distant relatives and found some wonderful things in common, though, from Tarot reading to mediumship, which my parents would never approve of, but other family members seem to like. I enjoy reading energy of plants and stones and communing with them- Nature is SO amazing! Saw a beautiful sunset last night that was glorious! I am reading a book by Pam Grout (who also wrote E Squared) called "Thank and Grow Rich" which is a really good read. What are you guys reading that is growing you?! This book talks about different types of "capital" from financial/physical to spiritual, and everything in between, and how when we get on the frequency of gratitude, there really is no limit to what we can manifest! I have a big vision: After the baby comes, I will be honing mediumship skills and working with an experienced trainor, my mentor, to expand my already growing ability for mediumship. NOT something I am willing to do while pregnant, but I know I am called to help stop human trafficking, especially of women and children- to be a voice for them, and so I will soon be exploring other dimensions and using my already developed clairsentient abilities to help solve cases. It is a massive part of my path. I am also choosing to homeschool this baby- and since my first degree is in Education, that will be very enjoyable. I am looking to connect with other women in particular, who eat clean, don't vaccinate their kids or at least do so with education about what is in those damn things before making the decision to, who are high vibrational, enjoy meditation, and who are committed to shifting the paradigm, as Brendon puts it. Namaste, all! Life. Is. Good.

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