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Tallahassee, FL


November 29

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Visionary Seer, Lucid Dreamer, Neo-gonzo Journalist, Transdimensional Messenger, Psychonaut Explorer

I am passionate about...

Love and all of it's expressions ********** I am passionate about... Creative collaborative projects ********** I am passionate about... Unravelling the steadfast vision needed to rebuild Zion ********** I am passionate about... The great Mystery of Being and all of it's weird manifestations - and what those manifestations can do for the benefit of all sentient beings - From within and without, Beingness finds self love and heals itself/the world ********** I am passionate about... Art and it's ability to contribute to the evolution of consciousness ********** I am passionate about... Figuring out fun and effective ways of igniting the sparks of love and happiness into the hearts of my brothers and sisters. Depression is a super-villian that has slain me many times before but I'm doing my best to remain lucid in this dream and I have found the inner "super power of the heart" needed to protect myself from this adversary - And I want us All to be able to stand up with blazing hearts in the face of adversity and walk through all challenges unscathed and holding our light up high.

Some of my skills and gifts are...

Singing, Poem Spewing, Story Weaving and Smile Sharing

I would like to learn more about...

You! <3

Inspirational Saying:

Be an artist of consciousness. Your picture of reality is your most important creation. Make it powerfully profoundly beautiful. - Alex Grey

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Sphaera Velare posted a blog post
So - I recently went over to the other night because Brendon started a Minds account and it seemed like an interesting thing to learn about:
I was blown away when I first opened the…
Oct 24, 2017
Sphaera Velare replied to Tori's discussion A Call to Action re Sexual Assault and Accountability within the Spiritual Community in Mental Health Team
"Thank you for posting this <3 I have a lot of compassion for you and know from personal experience how this can feel. Would you be willing to answer a few questions about this just to make the picture a little more clear for everyone?"
Oct 7, 2017
Sphaera Velare posted a blog post
I'm on the top floor of an opera house, standing inside the hall that surrounds the main auditorium where the stage and audience are - when I look in through the doors that lead into the auditorium I can see the stage far below and tons of people in…
Jul 10, 2017
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Oct 27, 2016
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Feb 5, 2016

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