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My Grandmother is dying... 

I wanted to make this video as part of my own healing process while being able to have an important discussion with the community and help provide some perspectives on death that will help us open up to deeper compassion and even hope...

Watch the video here

Thank you for watching.

Love Always, 

- Brendon 

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Many moons ago, Paradigm Shift London first began as Paradigm Shift Fanshawe inside Fanshawe College by Brendon Culliton and a few of his friends as a club within the school. The idea was simple - to create a club that would help bring together people who were also interested in having discussion about the metaphysical, spiritual, paranormal, esoteric aspects of reality. Along with guest speakers on occasion, the club would also provide Free Punch and Pie at events to help intise more people to check it out. Some might come for the pie but stay for the insight. 

As success of the club grew it was natural for meetings to eventually move beyond the college and evolve into Paradigm Shift London. Over the years the meetings have taken place in various yoga studios and local shops. People still attend on a regular basis to come together as community to support and practice having inspirational heart opening discussion that is helping change people on individual levels as we continue to help change as a whole. 

Anyone is invited to attend the meetings. Fridays, 7-9pm, at The Tea Lounge. 268 PIcadilly St. 

Much love. 

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Oh man. Are you ready for this?

I have been going through some major break throughs recently and I am excited to be able to share how these shifts are leading me further towards my own self empowerment and potential as a leader for the team.

Last night I went live for an EPIC dance meditation broadcast! It is some next level stuff. Just watch it for your self to receive the vibes and see what eye mean.


Shine on! Spread these vibes further! 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 

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Aloha Shifters!

Here is a video to help get you pumped in which I share and talk about the inspiration of MY LIFE PURPOSE in terms of creating Paradigm Shift Central, building a global team of Shifters, and the bigger picture. I also talk about what scares me, and how I am learning from all the lessons along the way.

Leave a comment on this post in all caps saying "THE SHIFT IS US" after you watch the video and let me know one take away you got from it.

Thank you as always!

0N3 L0V3

- Brendon 

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Recently I brought into alignment an amazing opportunity within my reality. A few months back I came across an awesome ninja obstacle training course in my city of London, Ontario, Canada known as CTC Obstacles ( After spending a few sessions there doing my own jedi training I naturally began gravitating towards the idea of feeling the call to work there. So I spoke with the managers, put in my resume, and then a few weeks later they had me lined up to be one of the camp counselors / team leaders for the March break camp for kids! Before they even hired me I had the vision of being able to do light saber training with the kids to help support the future generation of Light Guardians, and funny enough when the owners hired me own they specifically asked me to bring my light saber and do just that!

Overall the week was an incredibly rewarding experience for myself as a teacher and student. Being able to play and learn along side the kids is a heart and mind opening experience. When we give them a safe space to play and explore we quickly invite them to overcome their fears and step into their potentials - expanding their awareness of self through physical, mental, and spiritual training. 

On the last day of the week I brought my camera with the intention to film a fun video with the kids and to give the community a look into this amazing experience while also doing it to help document the incredible inspiration that these kids carry with them to continue to ripple it further. So with that said, enjoy the video and thanks for watching! Much love to all the young Light Guardians out there stepping into their potential! 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon

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A rare crystal orb multi colour light wizard wand. Awesome for ceremony and meditation. Crystal orb rotates for added experience.

The one featured here is a the only one I have at the moment.  

But I intend to create more for those who wish to order.

Send me a message if you would like me to make you one.

Price would be pay what you wish between 35-75US. Shipping not included.

PayPal accepted.


Watch a video of it >> trim.E1D45C1F-47BE-4EA9-9DBC-4397B25BFA2D.MOV





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Synchronicity appears in many forms in many ways throughout our day to day reality.  Whether we are conscious of them or not - they seemly sow the circumstances of reality together as an unseen yet ever present force! In a simple way - synchronicities to me are something I think about relative to us existing beyond the present moment. Often times a synchronicity will seem to transcend times - and rightfully so. Much like a ripple of the future meeting a ripple of the present… 


And so… this is just one of my stories. 


It was just past midnight on a Tuesday evening. I was on my way home from playing an awesome game of hockey. Like any hockey game I play, it was a well fought battle and further experience and opportunity for me to attune and apply my Jedi skills on the ice. I managed to set up a nice assist and we won 4-2 against one of the top teams. 


And so, following a good game I favoured some delicious vegetarian pizza to pick up on the way home. Now at this point everything is as per usual. I enter into Pizza Pizza. I let the guy working there know which slices I want. I choose to buy two with the intention to see how many days I can stretch them out over while also begin to practice some intermediate fasting; which is basically when you eat a meal over 8 hours, then no food for 16, but just drink cold water when you feel hungry. Doing so can do all sorts of interesting things and help you rewire your relationship between your brain and body. 


But speaking of pizza - he placed them in the oven then turned back and set me up to pay. I didn't have any cash so I proceeded to use the machine. But then… that's when… things got pretty unusual.


A minute goes by. My card has been neither accepted nor declined. 

A few more minutes go by…


I try pressing the cancel buttons on the machine pad. Nothing happens.


I talk to him about and tell him I am in no rush so its cool and I just laugh at how unusual this glitch is. 


At least 3 or 4 more mins has gone by. 

I am standing there - not having paid for my pizza that is now right in front of me. At the mercy of a machine. I remind the guy that its no big deal and that we'll figure it out. 


Finally the machine does a thing. It was unable to process. 

Alright I guess Ill try the chip. (Having originally just used the tap.)


I stick in my card, hoping for the best. 


Again…. exact same thing… the screen just hangs. Processing… attempting to connect. Trying to find its way across the vast interconnecting electronic networks that connect my card to his computer. 


I ask him if he could reset the computer maybe. 

He says he could but it would take like 15 minutes. The computers they have are running Windows XP. 


I laugh along with him. Just laughing at the fact that the computers in here are as old as the place itself probably. For all we know maybe the hard drivers are dying! I note out loud. 


Clock continues to tick by. We wait another few minutes. No one else is there. The one other fellow working with him is out on delivery. 


Finally - a beep from the machine. Decline. 


Alright so on to my visa I guess, right? Gotta keep trying. I can't leave without paying - even though both of us have already discussed the possibility of me just coming back and paying another day. Though of course I am concerned that perhaps his computer will be causing him problems with other peoples cards too. Hard to say… it was working fine until I got there…. weird. 



And so I tap my visa. Preparing for the inevitable. And just like that…. no surprises…


We wait again. This time maybe it was going by faster. Or maybe I was tired. Other then just joking about the circumstance I was keeping pretty quiet. 




Okay…. last change… lets try the chip on the visa! 


I do the thing. And then!


…. nothing. All over again. At this point hope seems lost. 


He tells me that if I just come back another day and pay that's okay. But just then… I remembered…. I had another bank card in my wallet! And so, just like that, we run through the whole return again. It's probably been maybe 20-30 minutes at this point. 


This time though things get weird. The machine stars beeping and wont even receive the card at all. Just flashes red at us with error messages of raging fire! 


But hold on… there was one more thing we hadn't tried yet. We did the tap. We did the chip… but we didn't do the swipe….


I knew I had to try. It was a long shot though. Hardly anyone uses the strip feature any more. And so, I give it a go with my visa. First time - doesn't work. Second time… doesn't work. Third time - I accidentally tap it and it reads that instead. Dang. We already tapped the visa. Oh well. I punch in my pin code once again. I step away from the machine. I laugh again with the guy and he states again that its okay if I just come back another day. I put my hand on my pizza and say something along the very specific lines of "Ya, looks like its never going to work. Oh well…" I had let go. I had accepted the destiny that was. And yet as I was literally saying that sentence - the machine makes a noise. A smily face appears on the display. 




What the ….


The guy working is just as relieved as I am. I grab the pizza and laugh some more while reflecting in my head about the incredibly peculiarness  that after all of that - after it not working and not working - it finally worked at the exact moment that I had let go. What I find incredibly interesting about this - is that I have seen this pattern before many times throughout my experience of reality. More or less the universe has a tendency to abruptly change course or remove a form of resistance as soon as we let go of our attachment to that situation or to the resistance itself. It's a lot like when you are looking for something and you spend awhile, then eventually you give up - and thats when you find them. That's essentially the same kinda event happening here but with pizza and a windows xp cash register. 


So in conclusion this synchronicity is one that I personally find hilarious and amusing. It reminded me of the importance of being able to adjust our relationships to resistance and even our own expectations. I think in one way it boils down to this idea that if we fine wholeness in the absence of something - like a partner or an item or a vision or a dream - then we will be more likely to receive those things when the time is right. And I am glad that It was the right time for me to get that pizza…


The end. 





Thanks for reading my Quest Journal! I wanted to write this as a creative practice for myself. The topic may have seemed almost trivial, but even still, given the potency of the experience for me I wanted to be able to practice creating a story out of it. I hope this helps provide an example of ways you can create assignments for yourself to create Quest Journals out of stories in your day to day life that related to shifty themes and such. Quest Journals are here for us to practice creating, exploring our creativity abilities, and sharing our voice with a global audience. 


0N3 L0V3


- Brendon 




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Here are some hand made wire wraps I have to share. I specifically picked up these Auralite 23 pieces awhile ago to share with fellow Shifters. Auralite 23 is such a sought after crystal because it is one of the oldest known ones on earth. Found only in northern Ontario, Canada too which is the province I live in. Auralite 23 contains up to 23 different minerals, which again is because of its formation from billions of years ago. 

I am providing these to help raise funds as a pay what you wish price between 30-50US. Shipping not included.

Reply or message me here if you are interested!

Available as bronze silver and gold wire wrap colour as a choice. Available in slight variation of sizes. I currently only have about 20ish available.

Thanks for your support!

Much love!

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Star Wars movies have always been more than just movies. With each one that comes out it continues to tell another chapter with the unfolding journey of our collective shift in consciousness. 

Now with the release of The Last Jedi we are entering into a pivotal arch within our journey about being able to dissolve previous notions, shift paradigms, and birth new realities. 

I suspect many of the secrets revealed within this video are ones many of us already feel within our hearts. 

Watch the video and learn more...

For more Star Wars video check out this playlist I have created of previous videos and the guided Jedi Activation meditation we have done. 

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Thank you for finding your own connection to balance and embodying your truths. 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 


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Amidst recent personal experiences and lessons, I felt called to make this video.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for being. Thank you for learning. 

Please leave any comments as you choose.

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0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 


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By Andrew Morrissey

Take a moment to think about how incredible it would be to be a Jedi. Imagine wielding a lightsaber and never having to make your own sound effects again! Most people would be ecstatic to have that kind of power, even if it meant undergoing rigorous exercises and tests. Interestingly, many of those tests Force-users do to become warriors of the Star Wars universe are not that different from what normal Earthlings go through daily.

So, here’s the truth: you can indeed train to be a real life Jedi. Unfortunately, you still have to make the lightsaber sounds…

Jokes aside, becoming a Jedi is just like becoming a neurosurgeon, engineer, or a master of any profession you can think of. You develop a certain skill and hone that skill to meet a specific level of understanding. From there, you graduate to obtain something handy, like a degree or special weapon. In the Old Republic, Jedi trained over many years, starting from the Padawan Learner to eventually become a Jedi Master. White belt to black belt, so to speak. Kindergartener to Doctor.

You get where I’m going with this.

Masters of the Mind
To the Jedi, brainpower is more important that physical strength (though we can’t deny that they are galactic Spartans). Jedi hone their minds to become their number one weapon, because if it wasn’t for a certain amount of mental acuity, alertness, and control, they could fall at any moment to the call of the dark side.

How did the Jedi do this exactly? They boost their intuitive capabilities through things like mind-body exercises and meditation.

In the research called “Infinite Mind” by Dr. Valerie Hunt, there is a direct correlation between electromagnetic auric frequencies—those associated with psychic faculties—and the level of consciousness an individual has accrued. It shouldn’t be a surprise that healers, empaths, mediums, and mystics all have higher frequencies and higher levels of consciousness than those who are fixated on a more material reality.

An example of someone who operated at a higher frequency was the Russian psychokinetic (PK) Nina Kulagina, who was famous for separating egg yolks from the whites as it floated in saline solution by using only her mind. Her theta waves during such an experiment were as low as 4 Hz, the level associated with deep relaxation or trance, despite her pulse being a rapid 240 bpm. Kulgina’s PK powers were also extremely mood dependent. If she wasn’t comfortable or was stressed, more energy was expended and she’d tire alarmingly fast.

It is known that negative energy causes entropy and atrophy, while positive emotions, like love, gratitude, and appreciation, ward off decay.

But the other facet of PK abilities and the Jedi mind is something that everyone would be better off developing: mindfulness. See, what makes Luke Skywalker the ideal tragic hero is that his psyche is just like anyone else’s. He knows fear, pain, uncertainty, happiness, love, and even moments of irrepressible hatred. While these emotions overwhelmed him at times, Luke Skywalker does something his father, Anakin, was never able to do: let these emotions come and go as they may.

We never see Luke become completely committed to a general school of thought. In fact, it is his very thoughts that allow him to overcome the final battle with Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi. Had he not been able to accept both the dark and light forces within himself, Luke Skywalker would have never lived long enough to appear in The Last Jedi.

Developing Your Jedi Mind
So, while it would be incredible to pull of some Jedi mind tricks, you’re never going to accomplish a Force Choke. But there are other benefits from mastering your mind, such as being able to generate your own reality and awaken intuitive superpowers. Here are some ways to develop your Jedi mind:

1. Define the Force
What exactly is the Force? In a way, the Force is reliant on emotion, meaning it can be something born from love, joy, elation, sadness, and anxieties. In short, the Force is Emotion.

Now, think back to a moment about Kulagina and how her PK abilities were affected by the emotions in the environment, not just her own. This is why Jedi don’t simply temper their bodies, they work hard to make their minds a serene place where emotion can be controlled and forged into something more than just a feeling.

2. Understand the Dark Side
Emotion isn’t something that should be squashed or thrown aside. Avoiding emotions leads to depression, rage, and even abusive tendencies. Overtime, people who do ignore their feelings become enslaved by it, much like Darth Vader did. Of course, the Jedi aren’t the best examples of acknowledging anger, as they seek to control it with righteous actions, but they also know how to promote inner peace by understanding where these dark emotions come from.

3. Allow the Force to Flow Through You
This comes in two parts: being able to accept that not everything is as easy as the world you see and opening your mind to the possibility that there is such a thing as the Force. You need to open not only your thoughts, you need to open your heart.

There will indeed be moments of discomfort as you confront the dark side within. You may get scared and want to take a step back. You may even feel overwhelmed. Emotions are not always pleasant, after all. Allow the Force to flow, and as these feelings bubble up inside, simply allow them to pass. Know what they feel like but don’t try to alter them in any way.

Remember that scene where Obi-Wan tells Luke to close his eyes and “stretch out with your feelings”? That’s what allowing the force to flow you means.

4. Awaken and Meditate
Once you have gotten a hang of letting the Force move through you, close your eyes, breathe deep, and try to describe your emotions. This often helps if you are with a group, in a friendly and accepting environment, where you can hone your Jedi skills together. This group can be channelers who are developing their clairvoyant powers or even several people who enjoy meditation. In this positive environment, you will be able to find the calmness required to unlock higher frequencies of consciousness.

Alone, try yogic breathing, also known as pranayama. Meditate daily. Find in these moments an awareness of the breath. The breath is an integral part of consciously working through negative emotions. As long as the breath is even, you can remain calm and rational.

5. Let Go
The Jedi are masters of control. However, sometimes to come into control, you have to realize what you are not in control of. What separates the Jedi from the Sith is how they react to certain stimuli. No true Jedi Master lashes out in anger. Meanwhile, a Sith Lord with choke people to death for getting in the way. This is because darkness is created by frustration and anger, and people typically get angry when their plans fall through.

Exist only in the present moment. Focus on “being.” Get everything else out of the way and trust that if you merely listen to intuition, your intention will eventually come true.

Training your Jedi mind is about being mindful. Not only should you understand that all emotions have a purpose, you should be able to acknowledge what you intuition and feelings are trying to tell you and make a logical decision about how to move onward. Once the mind is relaxed and supple, you can begin to form intentions; in time, those intentions will become your reality—and maybe even advance into psychokinetic territory!

© 2017. ANDREW MORRISSEY. All Rights Reserved.



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Activate the Superhero Within. 

Mystic Spiderman is a real life super hero helping assist with the shift in consciousness through intentional acts of compassion and inspiration. 

Watch and be a part of the ongoing story. 


Get your Shifter Bosoter Kit continaing Free Hugs Signs and Shift Buttons plus support the ongoing mission of Mystic Spiderman and the team by joining the team patreon.
Asking monthly micro-donation: $3-5

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Hier klicken

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You are important. You are beautiful. Everything that you do matters.

Here is some video I filmed during my Shiftivsm downtown during a street festival in my city of London, Ontario, Canada to do some Inspirational Conscious Flowetry on the spot to help spark the spirit and accelerate the shift. Using the power of spoken word and sound to hack the matrix with love.

Of course this clip is only a fraction of the time I spent on the street. Alot of it was also just sharing compliments with people walking by and reminding them that they are loved. As part of my tactics I had my Free Hugs sign placed near by, and when people came up and talked to me and got a Free Hug I would also give them a Shift Button to connect them with the community and ongoing story and also our local Paradigm Shift London meet ups. Often times when people were walking by I would just invite them to remind their friends that they care about them and prompt them to hug their friends right there on the spot - and they did! It was an awesome experience and I look forward to playing around more with its potential

Leading up to doing the flowetry on the mic this it took alot of practice and courage to make it happen - but I am glad I did. And now having since done it and earned that new confidence I now have additional new abilities unlocked as a Shifter which I will continue to use to help shift the paradigms and inspire others how I can through the power of the heart and the magic of art.


Prior to doing the conscious flowetry I was also doing my Mystic Spiderman stuff for quite awhile, spinning my Light Saber and doing Free Hugs and Jedi stuff and sharing Shift Buttons and just talking to people and making meaningful connections. All of this primarily took place off camera but a few other people snapped some pictures which was cool. Doing it off camera was important for me because it allowed me to practice recording it first and foremost with my heart and focusing more on the interactions with the people I met. It was really awesome when I connected with some younger kids and invited them to help me out with the Free Hugs while we worked together as a team, while reminding them that the most important super power that each one of us has is the power of the heart. More and more people are slowly beginning to cross paths and hear about Mystic Spiderman within our city as we are all continue to remember that even though Mystic Spiderman may exist as an icon - the message is that you don't need to dress like a superhero to be one - because you already are one as much as you choose to be.

You can do this where you are too. How will you bring the Shift to the streets of your city?

Rebirth Babylon from Within.

Remember, little things make the bigger difference.

Thank you for your support in helping us bring this shift to the streets.

If you appreciate what I do and would like to help us reach more people you are invited to support the team and myself in doing more through the patreon and get your Shifter Booster Kit at

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon


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The other day I went to the near by campus to do some Shiftivism to open some portals, hack the matrix with love, connect with people, and help accelerate the shift. 

While there I set up with a simple and super effective tactic that I have used many times. Basically I just found a place where I had a good line of sight of people and there wasnt to much traffic, and then made a little art display out of some Shift Buttons, wire wraps, Light Guardian Crystals, and some conscious art from some friends. Then I put a Free Hugs sign next to me, sat down, started doing wire wrapping, sent out my intention field, and allowed people to walk up to me. 

 Within the time I was there I had numerous meaningful interactions and even gave out several of the laminated Free Hugs signs to others so that they could continue to ripple the inspiration. I also mentioned to many of the people about our local Paradigm Shift London Open-minded Discussion and Meditation meet ups that we have and invited them to that too. (Fridays, 7-9pm, at The Ground Up Cafe, 717 Richmond St, London, Ontario, Canada.)

While I was there I did a short live facebook broadcast documenting the experience and explaining more - plus got some genuine reactions and free hugs on camera too!

I continued doing this for at least an hour with much success. Each person who I connected with who received a Shift Button now has the opportunity to connect to the Paradigm Shift Central website, explore the conscious media, be involved with the community and will perhaps be inspired to continue exploring ongoing conscious themes. Case and point, one guy I ran into was a guy I ran into doing the same thing 5 years ago. He told me that after he ran into me he started practicing lucid dreaming! So you never know how far the ripples will go!

So after I packed up my things I walked around to the near by concert playing on the hill as part of the orientation week celebrations. I choose to chill out on the hill by myself while dancing with my light saber and to just be me and have fun doing what I enjoy. The funny thing is that I was also doing it in a way that others who would be walking by would see me too, which would also help create this ongoing narrative for them of realizing that there are Jedi in town, or at the very least to just see someone expressing themselves in a way not normally seen. Numerous people commented and took pictures and probably snap chatted me or something :P All and all just I was just doing my thing while also helping bring a bit more magic into the world that will go a long way.

Here is a short facebook live video of me doing light saber dancing. Later on in the evening off camera I got way more into it.

 It is my intention that simply by sharing this story it helps continue to inspire others to take actions in similar ways where they are to help accelerate the shift. Use the power of art and expression to help make a difference! See what happens when you sit or stand somewhere with a free hugs sign! See what happens when you dance in public! Be the light. Aspire to inspire.

You can join the Team Patreon as a monthly micro donator to support the community and my ongoing Shiftivism missions plus get your Shifter Booster Kits and laminated Free Hugs signs at

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 

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Rick and Morty is one of those shows that has caught the attention of millions world-wide for being so entertaining, weird, and undeniably captivating. In episode 5 of seasons 3 titled the Whirly Dirly Conspiracy, the characters of Rick and Jerry traveled through a wormwhole, and in the process of doing so experienced a transcendental trip of cosmic awareness. Though the scene is less than 90 seconds in length, it is rich in esoteric and psychedelic symbolism. 

Due to popular demand, here is a breakdown of the scene to be able to provide the community with more insight and context for this hyperdelic download. 


Thanks for checking out the video! 

Connect with me further for ongoing inspirational content. 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon


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Today during the eclipse I went out and created a ceremony of the occasion for myself by sitting in a field, filming the eclipse and sharing some inspired words in the moment. 

Eclipse Meditative Portal Activation Source Transmission

Eclipse Conscious Free Style Flowetry

Lots of exciting adventures still ahead! Thank you for contributing through your own unique ongoing transformations. 

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 


Dental Curing Light

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Aligning the Lion Within: A Poem to Activate through the Lion's Gate 

As our Sun aligns with our the next nearest star
May we continue to remember who we truly are.

May we find courage through deep trust
And patience with deep wisdom.

May we cultivate our gifts
To share amongst this sacred kingdom.

May we learn how to let go
Of illusions that have served their purpose.

To teach us of who we are
Beneath the stories on the surface.

May we connect to our tribe
With the magic of each breath.

May we let go of unneeded fear
And see beyond the veils of death.

May we honour the path we have walked
To bring us to where we are.

May we be compassionate towards ourselves
And grateful for every scar.

May we find our voice amongst the crowd
And speak our truth so it may be heard.

May we share our stories as true magic
As we cast spells with every word.

May we listen to the voice
That whispers deep inside.

That reminds us of why we are here.
To open are our hearts true and wide.

May we find freedom in our excitement
As we follow that which calls our name.

Tending to our waters
As we ignite the eternal flame.

May our stories become the beacons
To help others find their own way.

Back to the ancient hidden knowledge
Of how to dream and how to play.

May we remember that we are more
Then what so many have been led to believe.

May we be the magic that we are
With every intention that we weave.

For through the starts that shine above
May we remember the truth within.

That we are the cosmic Lions.
Forever will be, and have always been. 


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Aloha Team,

Here is my recent Full Moon Sweat Lodge Experience and the messages I am called to share in synch with the Lions Gate and more. /

What does the Full Moon Lions Gate mean to you?

Happy Full Moon. <3

0N3 L0V3 

- Brendon 


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For my 30th birthday I woke up early to watch the sunrise as I have done for many of the years previously. While doing so I filmed this very important heartfelt one hour video message that I do not expect everyone to watch. But for those who do... let it be a bridge to a deeper relationship between us and the Paradigm Shift Central project. 

What does it feel like to be celebrating 30 going on infinite?

It feels like I have travelled far, both inwards and outwards. It feels like I have seen many suns rise and fall. It feels like I have jumped higher then I once thought I could. It feels like I have learned how to love deeply and courageously. It feels like I have accomplished many of my soul missions in order to accomplish many more still to come. It feels like growing old is really about learning how to live young. It feels like my crows feet on my eyes are just a reflection and a trophy of how many hugs I have given and smiles I have shared. It feels like my knees don't work quite how they use too but I am still determined to adapt and honour my body while continuing to find new ways to heal and build strength. It feels like I have built the foundations for a Kingdom that I am honoured to share. It feels like I have still so much more wisdom to learn and experiences to be had. It feels like I have reached the lives of thousands (and in some ways millions) and have contributed to making the world a different place then if I had done nothing at all. It feels like I have been weaving an ongoing story that is still far from over, and in some ways still a mystery to me.

Being 30 feels ancient, but at the same time brand new. I feel proud to be 30. I feel grateful for all those I have met and danced with along the way. Being 30 still feels like being 26, but with more skills to help shape the world with. Being 30 feels like just another number but also a gift and a reminder for myself of the journeys I chose and why I choose them. Being 30 feels like a worthwhile journey to become Mystic Spiderman. Being 30 now feels like I choose the ideal timeline for me to grow into the leader I came here to be by allowing me to observe and partake in this Shift in consciousness from a point where I could have a powerful impact through my own journey and documented transformation as a young man back in 2009 when I began to a mature and yet playful and battle hardened Light Guardian Jedi captain amongst captains to help spark a global team of Light Guardians that will continue to write and archive the narrative of the Shift for years to come.

Being 30 feels like a powerful portal that I am ready to step through...

So thank you for stepping through it with me. Victory is a shared success.
The journey is far from over...because in truth, it never ends...

Thank you Team! Leave any birthday wishes below! For those who wish to gift me something, one great way is to add support to the Paradigm Shift Central team patreon as a monthly micro donation and in return I will gift you a Shifter Booster Kit to help hack the matrix with love where you are. Add you support at

0N3 L0V3

- Brendon 


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∞ Open Your Eyes to Reclaim Your Prize ∞