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I've been thinking, overseas circles like some non English speaking countries might benefit from a Paradigm Shift Library of core literature, linked to the central website, that include probably the celestial prophecy, and The Paradigm Shift Story, or stories from pshifts in the US, south Africa and other places. Then the small body of literature can be readily translated into other languages by some of us and uploaded onto other languages versions. I'm sure books like celestial prophecy already has versions in other languages available for free online. A library like that will serve as an introduction page ffamiliarizing people with the livenet chat. Pshift PPL in London who can speak other languages, might be ones who can lauch platforms or channels on livenet in these languages, and translate library literature to upload. Videos with captions in other languages like journey to lucidity and other Vids in the series, might be great ways to tell the core pshift storie, and therefore first picks for the core literature library to be translated into other languages. And then people unfamiliar with pshift might be benefited from interactive features that can glue th to the central site. And these may be something like an interactive magnet poetry app that can generate random and individualized posts. Individualization can develope a 'my paradigm shift central' for different individuals who might speak different languages. And probably interactivity, simplicity, entertainment and posts that one can call his own, are characteristics of a feature that can turn the central website into something like that. Then from the interactive page, everytime a new visitor finishes a game or a post, perhaps a link can appear, invite them to chat on livenet, in different languages, or to leave brief blog posts in different languages, based on randomly generated prompts of spiritual topics. Is it possible to make non-youtube copies of films like "journey to lucidity 1 2" , "journey to the west" etc. available on the Central server (cuz youtube is blocked by the great firewall in some countries, whereas PS Central is not), later available for caption editors in those countries to provide captions in various languages for these films? /////// I recommend Wikia as a site to start a Reality Encyclopedia /////// . To collaborately post on tumblr blogs, please see Ximaermuzi AND Philosophy of Dot . Yes, you can post on Philosophy of Dot by visiting the posting page, and ask Sunny to approve your post, as long as it is according to the right format: AND ask Sunny questions . You may also read the archives of Mike Don's articles at

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Mike Don recommends these links Meet 'Kate Of Gaia' - Brief Intro To Legal Name Fraud (Hamilton Seminar) Kate of Gaia Some of Kate’s writings have been translated into other languages…

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"Published on Mar 9, 2015
Kate as guest speaker at a seminar shares the true nature of the control system/matrix/illusion as revealed through Kate's in-depth research and life experience. Kate of Gaia is synonymous with the truth about the Legal Name…"
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